Who owns Potash Corp of Saskatchewan?

Who owns Potash Corp of Saskatchewan?

The company was part-owner of Canpotex, which manages all potash exporting from Saskatchewan. It also had a joint-venture with Sinochem named Sinofert. In late 2013, it was 60%-owned by institutional shareholders….PotashCorp.

Type Public
Website www.potashcorp.com/

Who owned Agrium?


Type Public company
Founded 1931
Defunct December 2017
Fate Merged with PotashCorp
Successor Nutrien

How much money does Saskatchewan make from potash?

Potash production has long been important to the Saskatchewan economy. Consider: In 2017, exports of potash from Saskatchewan amounted to over $5.0 billion as compared to a Gross Domestic Product for the province as a whole of $79.5 billion that same year.

Who owns potash mines in Canada?

The mine is currently owned and operated by Nutrien. As of 2019, Rocanville had an annual nameplate capacity of 6.5Mt and an annual operating capacity of 5.14Mt of finished potash (concentrated KCl) products.

Who acquired PotashCorp?

WASHINGTON/CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc POT.TO and Agrium Inc AGU.TO have received final regulatory clearance to merge, forming a new company to be known as Nutrien, the two firms said on Wednesday.

How long do potash mines last?

The Rocanville potash mine is 16km north-east of Rocanville and approximately 200km east of Regina, south-east Saskatchewan, Canada. The life of the Rocanville potash mine is estimated to be 40 years.

How many potash mines are there in Saskatchewan?

— operate 11 mines in the province: eight are underground and three are solution operations. Saskatchewan has the largest and richest potash resources on the globe, and could supply the needs of farmers worldwide for several hundred years.

Who buys the most potash?

International context

Ranking Country Tonnes (thousands)
1 Canada 21,975
2 Russia 13,816
3 Belarus 12,205
4 China 7,195

What’s new at Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan’s Rocanville mine?

(Credit: Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan) [/caption] SASKATCHEWAN – Saskatoon-based Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan announced on Oct. 12 that it had successfully completed the expansion of its Rocanville mine to 6.5 million tonnes annually. Nameplate capacity more than doubled from 3.0 million t/y, so too did the workforce to more than 750.

How big was PotashCorp’s Rocanville expansion?

Nameplate capacity more than doubled from 3.0 million t/y, so too did the workforce to more than 750. Rocanville is PotashCorp’s lowest cost producer. PotashCorp had an expansion budget of $3 billion for the 10-year project.

How is Rocanville potash transported?

Most Rocanville potash travels on Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways for domestic sales and transfers to ports. Overseas sales are exported by the potash-producers’ marketing company, Canpotex, from the West Coast, Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

What does the Potash Corporation of Ontario do?

Created to function as a commercial provincial crown corporation to produce and market potash, the firm actually began its life as a functioning producer during the 1976-77 fiscal year.