Who presented gardeners world before Alan Titchmarsh?

Who presented gardeners world before Alan Titchmarsh?

Monty Don
Geoff Hamilton (1979–1996) Geoffrey Smith (1980–1982) Alan Titchmarsh (1996–2002) Monty Don (2003–2008)

Who presented gardeners world?

The first episode of Gardeners’ World came from the Oxford University Botanic Gardens, but over the years the programme has had many presenters who have featured their own gardens. These have included Thrower, Geoff Hamilton, Alan Titchmarsh, Arthur Billitt and current presenter Monty Don.

Is Sarah Raven married to Monty Don?

Sarah is married to the writer Adam Nicolson and has two daughters and three stepsons.

Where is Carol Klein’s cottage?

Her home, Glebe Cottage, is located in Devon and is Klein’s actual home. Specifically, the home is located at Chittlehamholt near Umberleigh and used to house Klein’s nursey business – Glebe Cottage Plants. That was until neighbours complained about her unusual gardening style.

Who took over Gardeners World from Geoff Hamilton?

Gardeners’ World Live: Adam Frost opens the show Adam Frost, 49, who is a co-host on the popular BBC series Gardeners’ World alongside presenters Monty Don, Carol Klein and Joe Swift, has spoken out about former regular Geoff Hamilton, following his death in 1996.

Why does Monty Don always wear a scarf?

Monty Don is often seen donning a scarf, and speaking in a recent interview on podcast Fortunately… With Fi & Jane, he mentioned that he often wears the same scarf all the way through recording for a TV show to help with continuity.

Who took over gardeners World from Geoff Hamilton?

When did Monty have a stroke?

In February 2008, Don suffered a minor stroke at home. He had been feeling unwell since the Christmas prior, mostly due to exhaustion from travelling to film Around the World in 80 Gardens.

What does Sarah Don do for living?

Before finding fame on Gardeners’ World, Monty and his wife Sarah ran a successful jewellery business together. Operating out of a shop in Knightsbridge, their business venture attracted clients like Diana, Princess of Wales. However, in the late 1980s, they hit hard times and fell into debt.

Is Adam Frost married?

Sulina FrostAdam Frost / Spouse

Who is Carol Klein husband?

Neil KleinCarol Klein / Husband

Is Carol Cline married?

Neil KleinCarol Klein / Spouse