Who sings better David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

Who sings better David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

Here’s what I know from being a fan for decades: Van Halen sold more records and had their only #1 hit with David Lee Roth as lead vocalist. However, they did have 9 Top 40 hits under Sammy Hagar, compared to 7 under David Lee Roth. But most fans will always prefer David Lee Roth.

Did David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar ever sing together?

David Lee Roth has never sung a song with Van Halen that was originally written with Sammy Hagar. However, early in Van Halen’s career, they did once cover a song by the band Montrose for which Sammy Hagar was the lead singer.

What was Van Halen’s biggest hit with Sammy Hagar?

Top 10 Van Hagar Songs

  • ‘Cabo Wabo’ From ‘OU812’ (1988)
  • ‘When it’s Love’ From ‘OU812’ (1988)
  • ‘Top of the World’ From ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge’ (1991)
  • ‘Love Walks In’ From ‘5150’ (1986)
  • ‘Poundcake’ From ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge’ (1991)
  • ‘Best of Both Worlds’
  • ‘Finish What Ya Started’
  • ‘Why Can’t This Be Love?’

Did David Lee Roth sing with Van Halen?

David Lee Roth (born October 10, 1954) is a retired American rock musician, singer, songwriter and radio personality. Best known for his wild, energetic stage persona, he was the lead singer of the hard rock band Van Halen across three stints, from 1974 to 1985, in 1996 and again from 2006 to their disbandment in 2020.

Who is the best Van Halen singer?

This is a fact most Van Halen’s fans agree with: the band found Sammy Hagar exactly when it needed to. In terms of overall sound, Van Halen was aiming for a more polished and groovy packaging and a mature discography, and Hagar was able to deliver on this front.

What is Sammy Hagar’s octave range?

Sammy is also a fairly consistent live performer, jumping around stage, belting out C5s and wailing into the upper 5th octave sometimes while playing guitar at the same time, which is definitely impressive considering his age.

Was Van Halen more successful with David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

Here are a few things to consider: [1] Roth absolutely wins the Van Halen commerce battle with 57 million sales worldwide to Hagar’s 27 million worldwide sales.

Did Sammy Hagar like David Lee Roth?

Sammy Hagar made it clear in a new interview that he has no beef with David Lee Roth. Appearing on KKLZ’s The Mike & Carla Show, the topic of forgiveness was broached regarding Hagar being able to connect with Eddie Van Halen and make up before the guitarist’s untimely death in October 2020.

Does Sammy Hagar play Van Halen songs in concert?

David Lee Roth announced his retirement recently, and Wolfgang Van Halen stated that he will not be performing Van Halen songs in his Mammoth WVH shows. Therefore the unofficial responsibility of carrying the band’s legacy was handed to Hagar, as he is the only one willing to sing Van Halen songs in his concerts.

Why did Sammy Hagar leave Van Halen?

During Hagar’s stint as Van Halen’s vocalist, the band was often informally referred to by fans as “Van Hagar” as a way to distinguish the band from the previous David Lee Roth era. Internal disputes eventually led to Hagar’s departure from the band in June 1996.

Who sold more records David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

Sammy Hagar: Why I really left Van Halen. By Joe Bosso published September 25, 2008. Also blames substance abuse as problem. Hagar: Eddie was “poisoned, vulnerable”. Sammy Hagar already left Van Halen once in the mid-’90s, but as he said to MusicRadar, he was convinced to come back for a 2004 “Van Hagar” reunion tour.

Who did Sammy Hagar replace in Van Halen band?

Sammy Hagar joined the band in 1985, replacing David Lee Roth, who decided to quit and pursue a solo career. Hagar’s story with Van Halen ended in 1996 due to internal problems. However, he managed to return to the band once again in 2003 but left two years later.

How did Sammy Hagar join Van Halen?

You Really Got Me

  • There’s Only One Way to Rock
  • Summer Nights
  • Get Up
  • Drum Solo
  • Why Can’t This Be Love?
  • “5150”
  • Bass Solo
  • Panama
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Was Sammy Hagar fired from Van Halen?

    In his recent interview with Paulo Baron and Regis Tadeu, Sammy Hagar remembered the time when he was fired from Van Halen and he highlighted that his unwilling departure from the band was a miracle for him even though he was devastated in the beginning.