Who won Aoki or IMAE?

Who won Aoki or IMAE?

Aoki is hit in the air and catches his fall. Aoki and Imae has a punching match until the end of the ten round match, with both laying on the canvas at the end. With the match over, it comes down to a decision. The score ends in a draw, resulting in Aoki losing and Imae keeping his belt.

Did Itagaki beat Imai?

Itagaki and Imai have an exchange, with both hitting each other until Itagaki was the only one getting hit until the fifth round ended.

Is Hajime no Ippo manga over?

And then there’s Hajime no Ippo, which is squaring off in the ring at a whopping 124 volumes with no end in sight. Series creator George Morikawa addressed this during an appearance on an Abema TV program last week.

Who is Masaru Aoki Hajime no Ippo?

Masaru Aoki (青木勝, Aoki Masaru) is a tritagonist in Hajime no Ippo . He is a lightweight professional boxer and one of the core members of the Kamogawa gym. He, along with Kimura Tatsuya, are known to have been scouted into boxing by Takamura Mamoru, an individual they swore to defeat but eventually came to admire.

How did Aoki meet Imae and Tomiko?

With the match over, Aoki met Imae outside the Kōrakuen Hall with his goddess of victory, realising that it was the reason he was doing well at the end. Aoki then went home with Tomiko and told her that he felt he could become the champion the next time he tries. Aoki introducing Isamu and Hiroshi to his gym mates.

What happened to Aoki after he lost to Imae?

After being away from the Kamogawa gym for a week, Aoki returned, and introduced to his gym mates the two that forced him not to retire after losing to Imae: Akamatsu Isamu and Kizakura Hiroshi, who were inspired by Aoki’s match against Imae and only follows Aoki’s orders.

What are the best Hajime no Ippo chapters to read?

Hajime No Ippo – Chapter 325 – Revived! Rival’s Fists Hajime No Ippo – Chapter 323 – Reach, My Feelings! Hajime No Ippo – Chapter 296 – Ippo Be… Hajime No Ippo – Chapter 286 – If This Fist can Reach… Hajime No Ippo – Chapter 33 – It’s Working or It’s Not Working?