Who won the Rio Paralympics 2016?

Who won the Rio Paralympics 2016?

Great Britain followed in second place, with 64 gold and 147 total medals. Ukraine finished in third place, with 41 gold and 117 total medals, its most medals and highest finish to date….2016 Summer Paralympics medal table.

2016 Summer Paralympics medals
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Most gold medals China (107)
Most total medals China (239)

Who won the first gold medal for India in 2016 Paralympics?

Mariyappan Thangavelu
Till this, India have won 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze from 1968 to 2016 over 48 years of India’s Paralympic history. Mariyappan Thangavelu is the first gold medallist for India in 2016 Paralympics.

How many medals won in Paralympics 2016?

India at the Rio 2016 Paralympics India has claimed eight medals at the Paralympic Summer Games: G2-S3-B3. Athens 2004 were India’s most successful Paralympic Games to date, winning one gold medal (B1). The NPC made its debut at the Tel Aviv 1968 Paralympic Games.

Who is represented the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games?

For the fourth consecutive Summer Paralympics, China topped the medal table, winning 107 gold medals, followed by Great Britain and Ukraine, while Georgia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam won their first ever Paralympic gold medals.

Which country has highest medals in Paralympics?

The USA has topped the Para athletics medal table at nine Paralympic Games, more than any other country. 4. Since the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960, 3,027 gold medals have been awarded in the sport. The USA has won the most with 385.

Which country won most medals at the Paralympics 2016?

China topped the medals table for a fourth successive Paralympic Games claiming 239 medals in total, made up of 107 gold, 81 silver and 51 bronze. The top five was made up of Great Britain, Ukraine, USA and Australia.

How many Indian players got medal in Rio Paralympics 2016 Mention the name?

Four Indian Rio Paralympics medal winners — Devendra Jhajharia, Mariyappan Thangavelu, Deepa Malik and Varun Singh Bhati — were felicitated here by a host of personalities, including cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Has India won medal in Paralympics?

India’s first medal in Paralympics came in 1974 Games, with Murlikant Petkar winning a gold medal in swimming….

India at the Paralympics
Website www.paralympicindia.org.in
Medals Ranked 57th Gold 9 Silver 12 Bronze 10 Total 31
Summer appearances
1968 1972 1976–1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016 2020

How many medals India has in Paralympics?

Having competed in 11 editions of the Paralympic Games since its introduction in 1960, India have won 31 medals, including nine gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze. More than half of these came at Tokyo 2020.

Who won 1st medal in Paralympics 2021 India?

Gujarat’s Bhavinben Patel sent a wave of celebration across the country on the third day of the Paralympics when she clinched India’s first-ever TT Paralympics medal. In the gold medal match, she lost to China’s Zhou Ying 7-11,5-11,6-11.