Why do you receive Olokun?

Why do you receive Olokun?

Olokun is believed to be the parent of Aje, the orisha of great wealth and of the bottom of the ocean. Olokun is revered as the ruler of all bodies of water and for the authority over other water deities….

Region Nigeria, Benin, Cuba, Brazil
Ethnic group Yoruba people Bini people

What is a Kariocha ceremony?

Being initiated is known as kariocha, “making ocha”, or “making santo”. A charge is usually levied for initiation; this varies depending on the status of the practitioner and the wealth of the client but is typically seen as expensive. In Cuba, it is often the equivalent of a year’s wage, or more.

Who is Yemaya husband?

She was married to Aganju and had one son, Orungan, and fifteen Orishas came forth from her. They include Ogun, Olokun, Shopona and Shango. Other stories would say that Yemaya was always there in the beginning and all life came from her, including all of the orishas.

What color represents Yemaya?

Symbol river stones, cowrie shells, fans, cutlass, fish, multi-stranded crystal clear water-like beaded necklace, white cloth, indigo cloth, wood carvings of a stately nursing mother carried on the heads of devotees, mermaids
Day 2 February 31 December 8 December 7 September
Color Blue and White/Crystal beads

Who is the wife of Olokun?

Olokun resides at the ocean’s bottom while his wife Yemaya represents the surface.

What happens if you touch IFA beads?

Elekes can not be touched by anyone except for priests, and if they are touched, the person touching them must clean them. The beads all have different meanings and represent different divinities of Ifa. “The elekes I have mean life, protection and one of them represents my god Oshun,” Scott said.

Is Yemaya black or white?

Although the Virgin Mary is traditionally depicted as a white woman (a misrepresentation in history, but that’s another story), Yemaya is depicted as a woman of color. Radiantly rising from the sea, her dark skin shining under the moon, Yemaya rules over her domain with grace, beauty, and maternal wisdom.

What orisha wears red?

Orisha Domain Colors
Babaluaiyé Smallpox, epidemics Brown, black, red
Ibeji Twins White, red (sometimes blue)
Dadá and Bayani Unborn children Red, white
Iroko Silk-cotton tree Green, turquoise

What is the color of Olokun?

Symbolizing the ocean, both Olokun and Yemoja are associated with deep blue and foamy white waves.