Why is Kontakt so good?

Why is Kontakt so good?

Kontakt is an extremely advanced sample playback engine for creating ultra-realistic simulations of real instruments. It is expensive because it is the best at what it does, and has become the standard for how this kind of simulation is done. Long version: Kontakt is a very advanced Sampler.

What is a Kontakt Player?

KONTAKT PLAYER is an application that hosts all of Native Instruments’ sample-based instruments, as well as third-party products made for the platform. KONTAKT PLAYER is designed to share inspirational sounds and instruments with our users.

What is included with Kontakt?

KONTAKT also includes the KONTAKT Factory Library – a ready-to-use toolset of over 55 GB of high-quality samples and more than 1,000 production-ready instruments, including synths, choirs, acoustic and orchestral instruments, drum machines, and much more.

What can Kontakt do?

Sampling and instrument creation slicing: KONTAKT is a powerful sampling tool, allowing you to import and record your own samples, then slice, map, and process them, to create custom instruments using the industry standard set of sampling tools.

Do you need a DAW for Kontakt?

Kontakt can run as a standalone application but is used most often as an audio instrument (or plug-in) inside a digital audio workstation (DAW, sequencer). Kontakt supports the VST, AU and AAX protocols, making it compatible with virtually any DAW, including Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools.

Is Kontakt worth getting?

Kontakt (the full version) is an industry-standard sampler by Native Instruments. It’s a lite or much more limited version of Kontakt Full. However, it is still very much worth it for those that can’t afford the full version, or for those that want to get a demo of some of the features of Kontakt Full.

Is Kontakt player a DAW?

Kontakt is not a DAW. It’s a sampler, albeit a very powerful one! You use it to edit or use samples inside your music production software.

Is full version of Kontakt worth it?

Though they add more to the bundle yearly, I’ve been finding that every other year there’s been enough to tempt me. $99 (again, on sale) for the upgrade is great value. I would recommend getting the full version oh Kontakt, but yes if you can wait for a sale. The full version gives you access to all Kontakt libs.

What DAW works with Kontakt?