Will there be a Steins Gate 3?

Will there be a Steins Gate 3?

No, there will not be a Season 3 of Steins;Gate. No announcement for a Season 3 has been made. As we know the series concluded after Season 2 and Episode 24. Additionally, we already know the events that take place after the series ended thanks to the OVA episode 25.

Is Steins Gate 0 a continuation?

While called a sequel, Steins; Gate 0 follows the non-golden ending of the original visual novel. While the sequel was warmly received, the series did not receive the same level of acclaim as the original. Despite this, Steins;Gate 0 does some things better than the original.

Is Steins Gate 0 filler?

Oh yea, this anime has 1 filler episode and 1 mixed canon/filler episode.

What is Okabe’s IQ?

Okabe claims he has an IQ of 170. For reference, 145 is considered genius level of intelligence.

Is there anime better than Steins Gate?

Personally, I like VN better is because usually most anime I saw that were based off on VN were rush or lacking. I actually found I enjoyed the dub better for Steins Gate (in no way saying the sub was bad as it was very good as well). I found the dub to display the characters in a more personable way if that makes sense.

Is Steins Gate worth watching?

Yes, but just for info, its realy and i mean realy slow at beginning, it was so slow for me that i stopped watching it 2 times. But after that its one of best anime of all time (according to me) If you like thriller you’ll surely love Steins;Gate. In short just watch it…. El psy congroo It’s a great anime in my opinion. Well told story.

How good is Steins Gate?

Death Note

  • Erased
  • Relife
  • One punch man (Comedy)
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Code geass
  • Psycho pass
  • Naruto
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • FLCL
  • Should you watch Steins Gate?

    You most definitely should. IDK who you talked to, but you shouldn’t trust their tastes. Especially if you loved the first season. Steins gate 0 explains a whole story that took place between Ep 24ẞ and Ep 24 basically if you wanted to watch it entirely and correctly, you’d watch it in this order.