Will we use wearable technologies to detect our emotions?

Will we use wearable technologies to detect our emotions?

Wearables that understand how we are feeling isn’t new. Wearables can now track and analyse biometric data to let us know when we are stressed. But the idea that a device can know when we are happy or sad through our voice is something that companies have yet to explore.

Can smartwatch detect mood?

Conclusions. Our findings show that we are able to detect changes in the emotional state as well as in behavioral responses with data obtained from the smartwatch.

Can Apple Watch detect emotions?

EmoWatch, launching today, is the latest iPhone and Apple Watch app, which will take care of your emotional side by helping you track the state of your emotion. Smartmedical, a Tokyo-based developer of medical service platform, has launched its emotion-tracking app for Apple Watch and iPhone.

What is emotion sensor?

Emotion-sensing technology brings to life a new design approach that will include more complicated tasks than simply creating a visual design. It will combine monitoring and analysis of behaviour patterns, measuring actions, and noting facial expressions, voice intonation and body language, among others.

Can fitbit track mood?

Fitbit says the clock face will enable users to reflect on their mood, energy levels, daily physical activity, nutrition and sleep patterns to help them over time understand how their mood correlates with overall health habits.

What is emotional AI?

Emotional AI refers to technologies that use affective computing and artificial intelligence techniques to sense, learn about and interact with human emotional life.

Is Amazon trying to tap into our emotions through wearables?

Amazon isn’t alone in wanting to tap into our emotions. A host of startups have tried, failed and continue to chase that complex dream of looking deeper into the human mental state and emotional health through wearables for a whole host of reasons. Here’s who’s doing what right now.

Will Amazon’s new wrist-worn device be able to understand your emotions?

Amazon is reportedly planning to enter the wearable space for the first time, which if true, is in itself huge news. Even more so that those reports suggest the rumoured wrist-worn device it’s working on will be able to understand emotion by analysing our voice through microphones and software the company is working on.

How many people own a wearable device?

A decade ago, the thought of a personalized watch that not only tells the time but reads your text messages, tracks your workouts and even keeps track of your sleep habits sounded like a much-coveted piece of technology from a James Bond movie. But that’s exactly what has happened, and over 80 million people now own a wearable device.

What does the future of emotional intelligence technology look like?

Users of this technology will develop a heightened sense of everything that is going on around them, which will create better experiences for people who have difficulty expressing and communicating emotions. The future in this field promises to be exciting and fulfilling, and as the technology develops, our lives will continue to revolve around it.