Are 6 string basses worth it?

Are 6 string basses worth it?

Something else that’s great about a 6 string bass is the ability to be able to hit notes both higher and lower on the neck without sliding all around the fretboard. The extra B string and C string let you stay in one spot on the neck which is great is you have to play notes that are far apart in pitch.

Is a 6 string bass overkill?

if YOU have your heart set on a 6-string bass and want to learn on it and master it, then it is not overkill. Ultimately you are in charge of what you learn and how you progress, and it does not have to be appropriate or “make sense” to anyone but you. If you want a 6-string bass, go right ahead.

Is a 6 string bass hard to play?

Firstly, it’s not more difficult to play than a 4-string bass – because you can play just the same, but the two extra strings actually make it easier for the bassist to hit higher notes without moving too far down the fretboard – which some players might prefer.

Where are Spector basses made?

Drawing upon years of legendary design, Spector’s Euro Series basses are individually crafted by hand in the Czech Republic. Each bass is constructed using only the finest source materials, including hand-selected tone woods from the most fertile regions of the United States and Europe.

What are 6 string basses good for?

By adding another string, a 6th string, on the high end of the bass, bassists could reach higher notes more comfortably.

Who plays a six string bass guitar?

Today, six-string electric basses are commonplace, with virtuosos like Oteil Burbridge, Steve Bailey and John Myung all-embracing the extra range and tonal possibilities that they allow.

Who plays a six-string bass guitar?

What is the standard tuning for a 6 string bass?

Six strings are usually tuned B0–E1–A1–D2–G2–C3—like a four-string bass with an additional low B string and a high C string.

Are Spector basses worth it?

Spector basses are highly regarded as one of the best modern bass brands available today. With modern feel and powerful pickups they were always designed to serve the player who favoured sound and feel over tradition and a brand name.

Who owns Spector bass company?

Korg USA
Korg USA has acquired Spector Bass Company, the former has announced. Korg, which has been managing the bass company’s import bass distribution since 2015, says they will be able to help bolster the company’s expansion.

What are the notes on a 6 string bass?