Are maple kitchen cabinets outdated?

Are maple kitchen cabinets outdated?

Are maple cabinets outdated? Since maple wood kitchen cabinets are incredibly versatile, they’re far from outdated. They’re highly durable and with the right finishes, they can fit in perfectly with any aesthetic whether it’s a traditional or modern kitchen.

What countertops go well with maple cabinets?

Some of the most common countertop color choices to pair with maple cabinets are:

  • Aqua.
  • White/cream.
  • Black.
  • Tan/brown.
  • Slate gray.
  • Medium gray.
  • Green.
  • Other bold color options.

Are maple cabinets a good choice?

Maple cabinets are versatile Maple is a pretty wood, but it’s a good choice for kitchens because it is also so versatile. Maple has a smooth, even grain that makes it suitable for stains and painting both, because you get consistent results.

What Colour goes with maple cabinets?

Colors That Go With Maple Wood

  • Yellow. Yellow kitchen walls will draw out a similar tone in maple cabinetry, resulting in a cohesive look for your culinary space.
  • Orange. For a bold shade that also ties into the warm finish of maple, orange is an eye-catching choice.
  • Mushroom.
  • Bright Green.
  • Turquoise.
  • Teal.
  • Light Blue.
  • Taupe.

What backsplash goes with natural maple cabinets?

Grey mosaic tile is a fair enough option for your maple cabinets, especially if they show the natural wood in transparent finish. It’s neutral, and even though you can do better than this, at least it’s not bad design.

Why do my maple cabinets look orange?

Since every individual piece of wood dries out at different rates, the wooden surfaces of your cabinets will end up with a haphazard collection of orange stripes and patches.

How do I make my maple cabinets less orange?

One of the first suggestions we have to make your kitchen feel fresh and bright is to paint the walls. The dark red color is making the cabinets feel more orangey than they actually are and painting the walls a lighter color such as a warm white or a light gray will help alleviate that problem.