Are pedestals for washer dryer universal?

Are pedestals for washer dryer universal?

Similar to stackable washers and dryers, you should try to match the brand of your laundry pedestals to your washer and dryer. While some laundry pedestals might be universal, things like the pedestal’s dimensions, color/finish, weight limit and features can vary from brand to brand.

Do washer dryer pedestals fit all brands?

Not all stands and pedestals will be compatible with your washer and dryer models. Pedestals are sold separately from washing machines and dryers at an additional price. The best washing machine stand for your laundry room will be the right size for your washer and/or dryer.

Is a pedestal washer worth it?

The pedestal washer is awesome and really helpful for doing a small load simultaneously with a bigger load in the main washer. However, I’m not sure pedestal washer is for everyone. It’s nice to have, but when you consider what you pay for it, you could buy another less expensive full-sized washing machine.

Can I use any pedestal for my dryer?

The washer and dryer are two utterly different home appliances. They are different in both sizes and designs. Therefore, washer and dryer pedestals are not universal. You may need to use different pedestals for them in your laundry room.

Why are washer and dryer pedestals so expensive?

It’s the most basic principle in economics: supply and demand. People want laundry pedestals, so manufacturers and retailers charge accordingly. With that being said, people want the product due to the numerous benefits, so the value often makes up for the cost.

How do you lift a washer on a pedestal?

How to Lift a Washing Machine Onto a Pedestal

  1. Open the front door of the washing machine and place a person on the left and another on the right of the machine.
  2. Support the front of the machine.
  3. Lift straight up on the machine by lifting with legs and not with arms or back.

Will new LG washer fit on old pedestal?

A: I was told by two different sources that the old LG pedestals will not work with the new WM3670 washers. The design change for the new models. While the pedestal is the same size as the old, the washer and dryer attachments have changed. Also the handle is different and the color is a shade brighter white.

Will new Samsung washer fit on old pedestal?

A: Samsung utilizes one pedestal for their washers. As long as you are purchasing a current washer, you should have no problems. A: The Samsung base fits all Samsung washers.

Why are pedestals for laundry so expensive?

What can I use instead of laundry pedestal?

Coffee Table. What is this? This is an easy washer pedestal alternative. Spare or old coffee tables are a great substitute because they often have a second shelf with storage space.

Why do you need a laundry pedestal?

Instead of bending over far to take your clothes out of your front load washer, a laundry pedestal will prevent aches and strains on your back. The height tends to be more comfortable than the regular washer and dryer height, making the laundry process much more enjoyable.

How do you raise a washer and dryer off the floor?

A laundry riser, in case you weren’t aware, is a platform that lifts washing machines and dryers off the floor. It’s especially great for front loaders, as it raises the drum to allow for easier access—perfect for the elderly and pregnant. As an added bonus, it can also provide handy storage space below the platform.