Are Ron and Russell Mael brothers?

Are Ron and Russell Mael brothers?

Russell MaelRon Mael / BrotherRussell Craig Mael is an American singer best known as the lead singer for the band Sparks which he formed in 1971 with his elder brother Ron Mael. Mael is known for his wide vocal range, in particular his far-reaching falsetto. Wikipedia

How old is Russell Mael?

73 years (October 5, 1948)Russell Mael / Age

Is Sparks band real?

Sparks is an American pop and rock duo formed by brothers Ron (keyboards) and Russell Mael (vocals) in Los Angeles.

Is the group sparks still together?

The fact that Sparks have lasted so long is partly because they’re always close to success but never mainstream. They’ve managed to exist in this sweet spot where they can keep going, but they never have to sell out.”

Did the Mael brothers ever marry?

We’re proud of our heritage.” The Maels guard their private lives carefully. Russell confirms that neither he nor Ron is married and neither has children.

Did Pet Shop Boys copy Sparks?

There’s an ironic enchantment to their 1994 single “When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’,” even though it’s an unabashed Pet Shop Boys knockoff. And their 1979 dance-pop ditty “The Number One Song in Heaven” has an oscillating rapture. Those, to me, are the Sparks highlights, and I celebrate them.

What ethnicity are Ron and Russell Mael?

Ron and Russell Mael are American musicians, performers, actors and songwriters with Russian-Jewish ancestry, best known for their band The Sparks.

Are Sparks fake?

Sparks was, and is, a real band. They are not, as everyone inexplicably thought, British, but rather from Southern California. Brothers Ron and Russell Mael have been making music together for 50 years.

Did Queen open for Sparks?

It has long been said that Queen opened for Sparks, who actually played the following night. In reality it is Queen that headlined, and a band called Fantasy was the opening act….

City: London, UK
Date: December 20, 1972

Are the Mael brothers real?

Sparks are very real. So okay, who are Sparks? They’re brothers Ron and Russell Mael, now both in their 70s, who grew up in California—Jewish, athletic, popular—and formed a rock band. The Cali part is crucial to note because people constantly assume they’re British.

Who are the Mael brothers?

Ron MaelRussell Mael / Brother

How old are the sparks?

Sparks, which consists of brothers Ron and Russell Mael, now 75 and 72, respectively, has been making music for more than 50 years, cranking out 25 inventive (or “creatively reckless,” as the film might have it) studio albums and nearly 500 songs that could be broadly considered “pop” but defy easy categorization.