Are Walther guns any good?

Are Walther guns any good?

They make some excellent carry guns as well as target and competition pistols, in fact some of the best. Here at Alien Gear Holsters, we’ve had a number of Walther pistols through the office. We’ve shot a bunch of them, and a few of us here own one or two or three.

What happened to the Walther PPX?

The PPX is gone from the Walther German website but not the US site. That could be because it is out of production there and the remaining surplus of PPXs are still for sale in the US. The term used in U.S. sales parlance is to “flush them out”.

What is the Walther PPQ M2?

This adjustability also provides access to the magazine and slide releases without shifting your hand. Designed for right and left-handed shooters, the PPQ M2 features an ambidextrous slide stop and reversible button-style magazine release. Out of the box, the PPQ is one of the most versatile pistols on the market!

What does Walther PPX stand for?

PPX stands for Police Pistol Xtreme. The pistol at first sight does not strike one as being a pistol fit for being carried on a duty holster by Police, or even by any security force. It looks like Walther tried to make a Hi-point of their own design.

What replaced the Walther PPX?

Well I just heard the news today, Walther has introduced a new low budget 9mm handgun called the “Creed”. The pistol appears to be essentially a rebadged PPX with a new name and revamped external contours to match the company’s PPQ and CCP pistols.

What does PPQ stand for gun?

Polizeipistole Quick Defence / Police Pistol Quick Defence
The Walther PPQ (German: [ˈvaltɐ], Polizeipistole Quick Defence / Police Pistol Quick Defence) is a semi-automatic pistol developed by the German company Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen of Ulm for law enforcement, security forces and the civilian shooting market as a development of the Walther P99.

Does Walther still make the PPQ SC?

The Walther PPQ is now a widely known and used pistol. Far less well known is the model “SC” – or Sub-Compact….Model:

Model: Walther PPQ M2 Sub-Compact
Trigger pull weight: 86.4 oz / 2.450 g
Weight: 21.7 oz / 615 g

Is the Walther PPK/S the worst pistol ever?

To quote from that gun review: “The trigger [of the PPK/S] was, and still is, among the worst of any pistol, and it has an annoying tendency to bite the hand that holds it.” While Walther addressed one of the main complaints on the original PPK/S with a much improved trigger, the pistol still has some sharp edges that can make shooting less fun.

Can you shoot the Walther PPQ?

Shooting the Walther PPQ really all comes down to what grip you use. If you use a traditional grip like you would use like a Glock, Sig P320, or any other striker-fired handgun, you’ll likely be disappointed. The recoil is going to seem a little bit much, and it just doesn’t shoot as well.

What is the trigger pull on a Walther PPK?

With the new American-made PPK/S, Walther has certainly addressed the trigger pull. Advertised trigger pull for these guns is 13.4 pounds double action and 6.1 pounds single action. My sample did better than that: 12.25 pounds double action and 4.75 single action.

What kind of gun is the PPK/S?

I secured a sample of the new PPK/S for review. The PPK/S is a traditional double-action/single-action pistol chambered in .380 ACP (the only chambering offered) with a decocking safety lever on the left side of the slide. The barrel is 3.3 inches long.