Can I add keywords to photos on iPhone?

Can I add keywords to photos on iPhone?

As of now the photos app will not let you add keywords to photos using the ipad or iphone. Also, even if you add keywords yourself in another application or from another computer, and then put them in the icloud photo library, you can’t search using them on the iphone or ipad.

How do I add metadata to my photos on iPhone?

Change or add other metadata Along with the location, date, and time, you can adjust certain other pieces of metadata for the photo. 1) At the bottom of the photo details screen, tap the Edit Exif button. 2) Tap any metadata section to make your change. 3) Tap the Save button on the top right when you’re done.

How do you get location on iPhone photos?

To see where an individual image was taken, open the Photos app and tap the thumbnail to open the image. Then swipe up on the image and a map showing where the photo was taken will appear below.

How do I add location to my photos on iPhone?

Open the Settings icon on the Home screen, tap Privacy and select Locations Services to toggle the GPS function on or off. In the list of apps below, make sure the Camera app (or whichever app you use to take pictures) has permission to use your location.