Can you buy silver coins directly from the Mint?

Can you buy silver coins directly from the Mint?

The United States Mint does not sell its bullion coins directly to the public. Instead, we distribute the coins through a network of official distributors called “Authorized Purchasers” who, in turn, create a two-way market buying and selling to wholesalers, financial institutions, and other secondary retailers.

Can you sell silver coins for scrap?

Your best bet may be a reputable silver and gold broker, or a local coin shop. Call the potential buyer to get a price quote, and call more than one to get the best rate. Bring your coins to the broker or dealer. They will be counted and inspected.

Can I order coins from the bank?

Depending on where you go, some banks are generally happy to order boxes of coins on request — though not all are required to. Larry recommends getting to know your bank’s tellers and bringing them the occasional box of donuts or a pizza if you make a particularly big score.

Is it better to buy silver coins or bars?

Whether or not silver coins or bars are better depends on who you are as an investor. Smaller investors may have more use for collectible, legal tender assets like coins while large investors might not need collectible assets – they need silver that can be purchased at a lower premium over the spot price.

Where can I buy coins in San Antonio?

Alamo Heights Coin Shop is one of San Antonio’s leading dealers in bullion, coins, and collectibles. They buy, sell and trade coins, precious metals, and collectibles. Lone Star Coins has a great inventory of bullion, rare coins, and unique collectibles. Texas Coins is your home for coins, currency, bullion, and more.

Where can I buy gold in San Antonio TX?

Nacogdoches Gold and Silver Exchange is a family owned and operated business in San Antonio, Texas offering jewelry and watch repair, and will buy and sell gold bars or coins, silver, antiques, coins, paper money, and more. 13323 Nacogdoches Rd San Antonio, TX 78217 Texas Gold and Silver Buyers

What kind of coins does Texas coins buy?

Texas coins is an NGC, PCGS, and ANACS authorized dealer specializing in U.S. coins. The owner has been a coin collector since 1957, and is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with new and experienced collectors alike. They also buy and sell paper currency, gold bullion, and silver coins. Texas Coins will buy all pre-1964 silver coinage.

What kind of coins do they sell at coin collectors?

They carry a wide selection of collectible U.S. coins, including type coins, silver dollars, rolls, and 40% and 90% silver coinage. Their gold selection includes gold American Eagles, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Chinese Panda coins.