Can you have multiple answers in Scattergories?

Can you have multiple answers in Scattergories?

You cannot have more than one answer on a line for each number. (In the “Junior” version, players earn 2 points for an answer that begins with the chosen letter, and 1 point for an answer that does not begin with the chosen letter, but no points for a duplicate answer.

Can you buy more Scattergories lists?

Scattergories Refill Sheets: 300+ Scattergories Game Refill Sheets Compact Size 5×7 inches, Scattergories Categories Refills Lists Notebook.

Are there new cards for Scattergories?

This is the first and only “refill” Milton Bradly published for Scattergories. It consists of 18 cards with 144 new categories and 6 new answer pads. Expands: Scattergories.

Is there a Scattergories expansion pack?

Add a special twist to your fast-thinking Scattergories game with the refill pack. Each new category list has a major subject. Each subject has 12 categories that relate to it.

How long is the Scattergories timer?

three minutes
The timer is set for up to three minutes. One player starts the timer. In the time allotted, each player must attempt to think of and write down, in the first column on the pad, a word or term that fits each of the 12 categories and starts with the rolled letter.

How long is a typical round of Scattergories?

three minutes long
A standard Scattergories game consists of three rounds. Each round is three minutes long. Decide on a category list. Make sure every player is looking at the same list in their folder.

Is there a Scattergories app?

Magmic’s Scattergories app is available for Android and iOS.

Can you use descriptive words in Scattergories?

adjectives that describe an object are not permitted, otherwise the game would be too easy.

What is an answer sheet in Scattergories?

Scattergories means a set of categories that are questions to be answered in the sheets. In answer sheets, you are given limited time. What are the categories in Scattergories? The categories contained in Scattergories have templates when you play the original version.

Are there any free printables for Scattergories?

#FreePrintables” quote=”If you love the game Scattergories, check out these FREE category lists you can download that include categories such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Superheroes!” theme=”style6″] Check out some of our other games! All the printables for these games are available for FREE in our Resource Library!

Is there an older version of Scattergories with extra categories?

We have an older version of the game with one refill box of cards that has extra category lists. Even though we have so many Scattergories lists to choose from, there are certain topics that I would love to have.

Where can I buy a Scattergories game?

If you don’t already have a Scattergories game, you can purchase one for not a lot of money from Amazon or eBay. [click_to_tweet tweet=”If you love the game Scattergories, check out these FREE category lists you can download that include categories such as #HarryPotter , #StarWars , and Superheroes!