Can you lay a cannon safe on its back?

Can you lay a cannon safe on its back?

Most full size gun safe can be laid on its back without an issue, as long as precautions are taken to make sure you can get it back up in the end, as well as to keep an eye on minimizing any damage that may happen to the internals of the safe and the contents of the safe.

Should I seal my gun safe?

Once your guns are in the container, just close and lock it right away. You should then put airtight gun-safe desiccants inside to keep everything dry and protected against humidity as well as odor-causing bacteria. The single most effective way of accomplishing this is through the use of a safe dehumidifier.

How long does it take to get a Liberty safe?

Shipping and Delivery Policy IN-STOCK AND OUT-OF-STOCK ORDERS In most cases, your safe (or one similar to it) will be in-stock at your local dealership. If the safe is OUT-OF-STOCK, the dealer will add it to their next shipment at no additional fee (special orders are usually shipped within 6-10 weeks).

Why should you buy the cannon 64-gun fire safe?

When you want to safeguard your guns against fire and other inconsistencies, you need the Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire safe. It is a durable, safe made from high-quality steel. It is also a large capacity gun safe that will store your long and short guns. Try it out today, and let us know how it served you.

Is the Armory 64 the largest gun safe?

It is indeed a big safe, but it is much more than that. In fact, the Armory 64 is the LARGEST gun safe I have ever reviewed. This beast holds up to 80 long guns!

What are the dimensions of a gun safe?

This is a large safe with interior dimensions measuring 17.47”x56.11”x35.87”. This is spacious enough to hold 64 guns. It is made of felt interior materials that make it comfortable to prevent gun scratching.

How long can a gun safe withstand fire?

We recommend a safe that withstand fire for 60 minutes and above at 1400F. This will allow you to call the fire department and secure your guns within one hour. Q: Is the safe easy to move around?