Can you snowboard in Moab?

Can you snowboard in Moab?

Through the desert and to the snow, to snowboard in Moab, UT we go. Griffin Siebert, Jeremy Thornburg, Jeff Richard and Bob Plumb set off in a truck, armed with skateboards, splitboards and a hunger for late season turns. While the snow only looked to be alright, the adventure looked to be all-time.

Does Moab have skiing?

Located within the Manti-La Sal National Forest, the La Sals offer many areas open to cross-country skiing, sledding and a small amount of snowmobiling. Access to most areas is off the Geyser Pass Road which is plowed to a parking lot. For skiers, the LaSals offer both worked trails and backcountry terrain.

Where do people snowboard in Utah?

Several of Utah’s ski and snowboard areas are clustered close together up the various canyons that wind their way up from Salt Lake City. Perhaps the most famous of these canyons is Little Cottonwood Canyon, where Alta and Snowbird are located.

What is there to do in Moab in December?

Top Things to do in Moab in the Winter

  1. Visit Arches National Park after a snow.
  2. Backcountry skiing in La Sal Mountains.
  3. Snow biking Moab’s trails.
  4. Hike Dead Horse Point State Park.
  5. Stay at Hotel Moab Downtown.

How late can you snowboard in Utah?

Where can you ski in spring? Most Utah ski resorts are typically open for at least a part of the spring season, up to the end of March. But Snowbird is known for #LongestSeasonInUtah, some years offering skiing as late as July 4th.

What mountains in Utah can you snowboard?


  • Beaver Mountain Resort.
  • Brian Head Resort.
  • Brighton Ski Resort.
  • Eagle Point.
  • Park City Ski Resort.
  • Powder Mountain Resort.
  • Snowbasin Resort.
  • Snowbird Ski Resort.

Does Moab get snow in the winter?

No matter what time of year, Moab is a beautiful place to visit. In the winter, we see cooler temperatures and some moderate snowfall, making for a unique landscape with the contrasting colors of the snow and red rock formations.

What are the dangers of Arches National Park?

Each year, park rangers respond to hundreds of search or rescue incidents in the park. These frequently involve heat exhaustion, dehydration, climbing or scrambling and improper footwear. We want your visit to be safe and enjoyable. Below are some of the potential hazards you may experience during your visit.

Are there any ski tours in Moab?

Guided day and overnight ski tours, and ski rentals are available in Moab. The steep La Sal Mountains have a greater potential for avalanche than the mountains of northern Utah, so please use caution and common sense.

Why go snowboarding in Utah?

Amazing snow conditions and awesome backcountry chutes allow many snowboarders to rip up Utah’s extreme terrain. With titles like ‘snowboarding mecca” and ‘the capital of snowboarding” Utah’s resorts and terrain are the place to be. There are two types of people in Utah: those who are on…

What are the best places to practice skiing in Utah?

Beginner’s Meadow – This is a great place to practice skiing and enjoy the scenery. It can be found 1/4 mile uphill from the trailhead. The Junction – This area is located one mile from the trailhead. The right fork, the Gold Basin Trail, extends to the Laurel and Gold Basin areas.