Did the couple survive the Somali pirates?

Did the couple survive the Somali pirates?

Less than two years since they were rescued from Somalia, Paul, 62, and Rachel, 58, are once again leaving the safety of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, behind and sailing into the unknown. ‘It’s not easy for other people to understand why we do what we do,’ acknowledges Paul.

What happened to Paul and Rachel?

British yachting couple Paul and Rachel Chandler are freed alive, after being held hostage in Somalia by pirates for more than a year. Earlier today the Chandlers were handed over to local officials in the Somalian town of Adaddo – a seven hour drive from the remote encampment where they were being held.

How many people are kidnapped by Somali pirates?

At the peak of the piracy outbreak in January 2011, Somali pirates held 736 hostages and 32 boats. Between 2010 and 2019, more than 2,300 crew were taken.

Are Chandler and Rachel friends?

But Rachel and Chandler are, just as the title puts it, friends. They’ve known each other for a long time: Rachel and Monica were friends when they were teenagers, while Chandler and Ross met in college, so Chandler first met the younger two when he visited the Gellers for Thanksgiving.

Who is Rachel Chandler married to?

Tom Guinness
After photographer Rachel Chandler and stylist **Tom Guinness’**s tiny, family-only wedding in Los Angeles in February 2012, dour hints from friends—“How could you not invite us?!”—pulled at the couple’s heartstrings enough that they decided on an encore at Lypiatt Park, a friend’s home in Gloucestershire, England.

What happened to the British couple kidnapped by Somali pirates?

A British couple kidnapped from their yacht by Somali pirates more than a year ago have been freed after a ransom was paid. Paul and Rachel Chandler, 61 and 56, from Tunbridge Wells, were handed over by the pirates to officials in Adado, central Somalia, early this morning.

What did the Pirates say to the Somalian community?

“The community expressed their sorrow over their captivity and they told them that the pirates don’t represent all Somalis but they represent a fringe part of the community,” Aden told AP. “The Chandlers thanked the community in return and they said they are grateful for anyone who played a role in their release.”

How many hostages do Somali pirates still hold?

Despite the Chandlers’ release, Somali pirates still hold close to 500 hostages and more than 20 vessels. The pirates typically only release hostages for multimillion dollar ransoms.

How much was the Somali Ransom raised in the UK?

The ransom, some of it raised by the Somali community in the UK and thought to have been in the region of £600,000, may also have passed through the Somali government. In a statement to the Chandlers, Mohamed said: “The Somali government and Somali people are pleased that they got their freedom.