Do I really need coilovers?

Do I really need coilovers?

For cars, the main purpose of coilover suspension is generally to improve performance by reducing body roll and lowering the ride height. This allows superior traction, more efficient cornering due to the mass of the car not wobbling around, and less drag.

Which is better coilovers or shocks?

However, coilovers aren’t necessarily a win-win over the factory shock absorbers and struts. They do lower the ride height, so you risk scraping body parts over speed bumps and driveways. And cheap sets don’t offer much damper adjustability, so your ride quality might suffer.

Do coilovers replace springs?

But that’s not really the case. If you think about it, coilovers upgrade both your springs AND shocks. Pairing a set of nice lowering springs with quality adjustable shocks may cost you about the same in the long run.

What are the disadvantages of coilovers?

Cons of a Coilover Suspension

  • Stiff ride. Some drivers report that coilovers lead to a stiff, uncomfortable ride.
  • Possible failure. As mentioned, cheap and poorly made coilovers can be a real liability on the road.
  • Space hogging setups.

Do you need springs if you have coilovers?

While lowering springs rely on spring rate and height to alter your ride height, coilovers use the spring seat’s location on the shock to raise or lower your vehicle. That means you could swap in a heavier or lighter spring and easily get back to your desired ride height.

Are coilovers better than shocks?

The Performance characteristics of the damper and spring are matched to provide maximum performance and unlike lowering springs, coilovers offer a much greater range of adjustability including ride height, spring pre-load, shock damping and rebound.

Are coilovers worth getting?

Conclusion. Coilovers work similarly to the coil spring and the shock absorbers. They combine the functions of both coil spring and shock absorbers to give you more control and a comfortable ride. Drivers usually benefit from better handling and adjustability making this device worth purchasing.