Do metal slides get hot?

Do metal slides get hot?

Metal and plastic slide surfaces can get dangerously hot, and several children across the country have been burned this summer when they touched a hot surface at the playground, Dr. Sasin said. Severe burns are painful and may lead to blisters and infection.

Why do metal slides get hot?

Direct sunlight for long periods of time can make slides, swings, climbing features, seats and more hot to the touch. Keep an eye out for the items most likely to cause a burn. These include: Uncoated metal equipment, or equipment where the heat‐reducing coating has rubbed off.

Do green slides get hot?

A green slide, exposed to the mid-afternoon sun, resulted in a temperature reading of 155 degrees on the part of the slide where children would place their hands. However, from a shaded yellow slide in Washington County, came our lowest reading yet. The slide registered 104 degrees.

How do you make a playground slide not hot?

Perforated playground tiles are another excellent way to keep surface temperatures down. With perforated tiles, air can flow throughout flooring, which helps keep things cooler. Plus, there is not as much surface area for the sun to heat up, so tiles simply do not get as hot.

How can I keep my slide cool in the summer?

Sand toys – for some less active play in the heat of the day. You can also fill the bucket with water to dump on your child’s head and keep them cool. Let them do a little water play. Big spray bottles to spray down the slides or your kids.

Are metal slides safe?

Uncoated metal slides can also cause serious burns if they’re in direct sunlight, even in mild weather. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately in pants and a shirt, and avoid anything with dangly cloth that could get stuck in a slide.

How hot is too hot for playground?

Playground safety advocate Geoff Croft explained children can get burned in a matter of minutes on anything over 120 degrees. “Over 140 degrees,” he said, “it can take a matter of seconds.”

How hot is too hot for playground equipment?

What material is best for a slide?

Steel is the classic option for a playground slide. It’s durable and slick, which lets kids reach higher speeds. Plastic isn’t quite as durable are steel, but it’s cheaper and much safer. This is the preferred material for the modern commercial-grade playground.

Why do metal slides exist?

Why have metal slides always been so popular over the decades. There are a number of benefits to using the steel surface as opposed to other materials. Easy to maintain – Wood rots and plastic gets dirty, but metal shines on. You’ll save loads of money by investing once in a metal playground slide.

Is 100 degrees too hot to be outside?

“As the outside temperature rises, your family’s risk of heat stroke rises right along with it,” Dr. Warmink said. “On 100-degree days, it’s best to stay inside when it gets that hot. If temperatures exceed 90 degrees, stay in the shade and keep an extra eye on the kids.”

Why are slides made out of metal?

Sandblasted or abrasive blasting makes the metal surface smooth. Metal slides are weather-resistant with a shiny finished look. Galvanized steel is often used for the posts and tubes to support the slide making it very durable.