Do you put BSC Hons after your name?

Do you put BSC Hons after your name?

No. The class of a degree is not written in your post-nominal qualifications. You can add it in he educational details on your CV. Here is a slightly different answer, you shouldn’t write anything (even if you are very proud of your achievement) in most fields.

Is Hons a good degree?

A Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree is considered to be superior to the Bachelor of Science degree. The Bsc (Hons) is considered to be, academically, more standard than the ordinary Bsc degree. Another thing is that a student can get Bsc degree more easily than a Bsc (Hons) degree.

What does Hons mean in a degree?


What is an undergraduate Honours thesis?

At the undergrad level, the thesis is more about learning the process of academic research to prepare you for further work. Depending on your supervisor, you may be asked to present or “defend” your work to a mini panel of professors or submit your thesis to a second reader for review.

What is Honours USYD?

Honours is one year of additional study following an undergraduate degree, and can be completed as part of the Bachelor of Advanced Studies. It enables you to build on the foundations of your undergraduate degree and choose a research project to explore your interests.

Do all degrees have Honours?

In England, Northern Ireland and Wales, almost all bachelor’s degrees are awarded as honours degrees; in contrast, honours degrees are rarely awarded in the United States.

How many words is an Honours thesis?

15,000 words

How do you write an Honours thesis?

Stages of a thesis (in order)

  1. Abstract. Write this last.
  2. Introduction. Usually longer than an abstract, and provides the following:
  3. Literature review. Often part of the Introduction, but can be a separate section.
  4. Methods. Often the easiest part of the thesis to write.
  5. Results.
  6. Discussion.
  7. Conclusions.

Is a BEng degree Honours?

A “Bachelors” or “Honours” Level covers degrees with titles such as Bachelor of Arts, BA (Hons), Bachelor of Science, BSc (Hons), Bachelor of Engineering, BEng (Hons), Bachelor of Laws, and LLB (Hons). You can ‘top up’ a HNC, HND or Foundation Degree to an Honours Degree through a period of additional study.

What are good Honours degrees?

The ‘good honours degree’ (an upper second [2.1] or a first class honours degree) is often taken as a yardstick of success, in that it opens doors to careers and other opportunities that would generally remain closed to graduates with lower classes of honours (i.e. lower second [2.2] and third class honours).