Does Certain Dri need a prescription?

Does Certain Dri need a prescription?

Certain Dri offers three levels of protection to help sufferers manage their excessive sweating. Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant contains 12% Aluminum Chloride and is one of the strongest, most effective antiperspirants you can buy without a prescription.

Which Certain Dri works best?

Prescription Strength This antiperspirant is the strongest in the Certain Dri line with 12% Aluminum Chloride, and is the most effective antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription.

Why is Certain Dri so itchy?

If you do a quick Google search on this antiperspirant – you’ll find a common question: ‘Why does Certain Dri itch so much?” Certain Dri contains the ingredient aluminum chloride hexahydrate – as do other antiperspirants – and that is what makes people itchy.

Is drysol better than Certain Dri?

Drysol: A prescription-only option, Drysol is on the stronger side with 20 percent aluminum chloride. CertainDri: One of the most highly rated antiperspirants available without a prescription, CertainDri contains 12 percent aluminum chloride.

How long does Certain Dri take to start working?

Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for the product to dry, less for Certain Dri® Solid. WHAT ABOUT MORNING OR DAYTIME USE? Clinical Strength Certain Dri® 72hr protection Roll-on or Solid work best when used at night.

Does Certain Dri come off in the shower?

Apply Certain Dri® anti-perspirant to residual limb at bedtime. This is because Certain Dri® works while you sleep to shrink your pores so it can stop perspiration all day. It will not wash off the next day, even after bathing or showering.

What deodorant has the most aluminum chloride?

For over-the-counter products, the maximum amount of aluminum chloride allowed in an antiperspirant is 15%, which is the amount Dr. Sweat’s Clinical Strength Antiperspirant contains. Dr. Sweat is as strong an antiperspirant as you can get without a prescription, while being completely safe to use.

Does Certain Dri wash off in the shower?

Does Certain Dri have aluminum?

Clinical Strength Certain Dri® Solid contains Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate, also effective for extended protection and better for individuals with more sensitive skin. IMPORTANT. Because of its therapeutic ingredients, Clinical Strength Certain Dri® anti-perspirant is used differently from all other anti-perspirants.

What happens if you put Certain Dri on in the morning?

If you just apply antiperspirant in the morning, your daytime sweating will quickly wash off the active ingredients and they’ll never have the chance to really show you their stuff. If you’d like to apply antiperspirant twice per day, that’s fine. A morning application could give you an extra boost.