Does enterprise give you a full tank of gas?

Does enterprise give you a full tank of gas?

Customers may refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level upon picking up the vehicle. If a customer chooses not to refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level, they will be charged the local Enterprise rate which is typically above the local pump price. A full tank of gas is not guaranteed.

Do rental cars come with a full tank?

Rental car companies usually offer the option of paying for a full tank of gas before you drive off the lot. That way you don’t have to worry about topping the tank off before you return the car.

Can you rent a car at 24 in Vermont?

How old do you have to be to rent a car at BTV Airport, Vermont? According to most companies, you have to be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Burlington – Airport.

What is a full size crossover at Enterprise?

A Crossover Premium, such as a Volkswagen Atlas or similar, seats up to 7 passengers and holds 4 bags. Its spacious cabin is perfect for a family vacation.

Do you have to return a rental car with a full tank of gas Hertz?

You Refuel No need to refuel the vehicle before you return. Hertz refuels for you. You refuel prior to return. Purchase the gas in the tank at time of rental and you can return at any level.

What is a full-size SUV?

A full-size SUV is a basic sports utility vehicle with seating for 7 passengers- some do have room for 8 passengers. The spacious interior and extra storage space make these large SUV rentals the perfect choice for road trips, family vacations, camping trips, and other group excursions.

What is the difference between a full-size SUV and a premium SUV?

What’s the difference between a premium and standard SUV? A premium SUV rental offers more space and features than a standard SUV. While a standard SUV usually seats 5 people, a premium SUV has room for 7-8 passengers and offers more bells and whistles.

Can you smoke in Enterprise Rental Cars?

Can I smoke in the car? No. Smoking in all of our rental vehicles is prohibited under all circumstances.