Does MCPHS have a PA program?

Does MCPHS have a PA program?

Vision Statement. The MCPHS Boston PA Program is an innovator in PA education that prepares its graduates for current and evolving PA practice.

Is MCPHS Boston PA program rolling admissions?

We prioritize the review and admission of applications submitted earlier in our rolling admission process, so it is to your advantage to submit your application as soon as possible. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarship with their application.

Does MCPHS Boston PA program require GRE?

GRE not required. MCPHS has programs at Worcester and Manchester as well. You are only allowed to apply to one of the MCPHS campuses.

What makes MCPHS PA program special?

With over 20 years of experience training the next generation of PAs, MCPHS provides students with an education backed by proven longevity, one that offers extensive educational resources and immersive learning opportunities.

What makes Mcphs PA program special?

Why is MCPHS Boston?

While attending MCPHS, you’ll get to explore life outside the classroom and embrace Boston’s many cultural attractions, sporting events, and more. The experiences you have both on and off campus will shape you personally and professionally–so engage with all this amazing city has to offer.

Can I get into PA school with a 3.3 GPA?

Most PA schools have overall GPA and science GPA minimums of 3.0. Some are higher and some are lower, but the AVERAGE student accepted to these programs definitely has GPA scores over 3.0.

How much is MCPHS PA program?

$53,100 / academic
Worcester and Manchester

Master of Physician Assistant Studies $53,100 / academic year $1,325
Doctor of Physical Therapy $53,100 / academic year $1,325
Doctor of Optometry $47,100 / academic year $1,325
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy $47,400 / academic year $1,325