Does Michigan produce shale?

Does Michigan produce shale?

Approximately 12,000 wells in Michigan have been hydraulically fractured, the majority in the Antrim Shale at depths of 500 to 2000 feet. With more the 9,700 Antrim Shale wells in production, the Antrim Shale continues to be the dominant formation for natural gas development in the state.

Where is fracking happening in Michigan?

But fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is occurring in northern Michigan and at a great rate. Fracking has been employed in Michigan since the late 1980s throughout the northern lower peninsula’s Atrim shale and Collingwood/Utica shale, which contain vast sources of natural gas.

What is the largest shale formation in the United States?

The largest shale oil formation is the Monterey/Santos play in southern California, which is estimated to hold 15.4 billion barrels or 64 percent of the total shale oil resources shown in Table 1.

Where is shale found in Michigan?

The Antrim Shale is a formation of Upper Devonian age in the Michigan Basin, in the US state of Michigan, and extending into Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. It is a major source of natural gas in the northern part of the basin….Antrim Shale.

Antrim Shale Stratigraphic range: Late Devonian
Named for Antrim County, Michigan

Is there oil under Lake Michigan?

No offshore oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes has occurred in U.S. waters. Several states have attempted to drill onshore for oil and gas under the Great Lakes, but operating wells exist only in Michigan.

Are there oil wells in Michigan?

To date, approximately 60,000 oil and gas related wells have been drilled within the state of Michigan.

Have there been any issues with fracking in Michigan?

The process of hydraulic fracturing itself has never caused environmental damage in Michigan. That said, and similar to many other industrial processes, there are risks to water resources involved with oil and gas development in general and hydraulic fracturing in particular.

Where is shale gas found in USA?

Shale gas production in the United States in 2020, by key state (in billion cubic feet)

Characteristic Production in billion cubic feet
New Mexico 1,337
Oklahoma 1,195
North Dakota 970
Arkansas 419

How long will shale gas reserves last?

Assuming the same annual rate of U.S. dry natural gas production in 2020 of about 30 Tcf, the United States has enough dry natural gas to last about 98 years.