Does Quito Ecuador have a zip code?

Does Quito Ecuador have a zip code?

Postal Code 170157 – Quito, Pichincha Province – Cybo.

How do you write an address in Quito?

Address format

  1. Urban: Sra. Julia Andrade –addressee 9 de Octubre 425 y Boyacá –street + premises + intersection Edificio Gran Pasaje, piso 3 –name of building + floor 090306 – GUAYAQUIL –postcode + locality ECUADOR –country.
  2. Urban with sub-locality: Sr.
  3. Rural: Fábrica La Chocolatina –addressee A 100 mts.

What is Tomah zip code?

54660Tomah / Zip code

How do you find someone in Quito Ecuador?

You can search their name at Google Ecuador ( This is difficult if you dont speak Spanish (more on this later). How do you find someone in

How is Quito important to Ecuador?

Quito has the highest level of tax collection in Ecuador, exceeding the national 57% per year 2009, currently being the most important economic region of the country [citation needed], as the latest “study” conducted by the Central Bank of Ecuador. The top major industries in Quito includes textiles, metals and agriculture, with major crops for

Why should I visit Quito, Ecuador?

Take public transport during rush hour.

  • Flash your valuables in public.
  • Wander outside after dark.
  • Eat street food on your first days.
  • Dress for warm,clear weather.
  • Get in a taxi that is not a taxi.
  • Think that everyone speaks English.
  • Settle for the first price at a market.
  • Hike and climb high altitudes before acclimating.
  • What is special about Quito Ecuador?

    Quito preserves much of its colonial atmosphere, with the towers of many churches outlined against the circle of volcanoes that surrounds the Quito Basin and with peaceful squares, fountains, balconied houses, steep narrow streets, iron-grilled doorways, and secluded gardens.