Does UTA offer BSN?

Does UTA offer BSN?

Gain insights into our online BSN program. The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation has a long history of innovation in nursing education. UTA’s high-quality nursing online curriculum has one of the state’s highest graduation and licensure rates.

How much is the BSN program at UTA?

UTA is a public, nonprofit university. As of October 2018, the tuition for nursing courses in the RN to BSN program totals $8,995. General education courses, if necessary, are at an additional per credit hour tuition rate of $362, or $1086 per 3-hour course.

Is it hard to get into UTA nursing program?

The nursing program is very competitive in admissions, and students must first complete some prerequisite courses, which include 16 credits of sciences geared toward nursing majors and nine credit hours of specific prenursing courses, said Candice Calhoun-Butts, enrollment and student services director.

How long is the RN to BSN program at UTA?

9 months
Program Overview The RN-BSN program prepares students for expanding professional roles in the health care system. Students enrolling full-time in the accelerated online option can complete the nursing courses in as little as 9 months.

Is UTA a good nursing school?

The University of Texas at Arlington’s online Master of Science in nursing degree program is ranked among the best in the nation by Best Health Degrees. The program, which is offered through UTA’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CoNHI), ranked No.

What GPA do you need to get into UTA nursing school?

Entering Freshmen: a combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score of 1270; an ACT score of 27; the upper 10% of their high school graduating class. Currently enrolled or transfer students: 3.35 G.P.A.

Is UTA nursing program good?

How do I get into UT Arlington nursing program?

Students must have:

  1. Minimum 2.75 GPA in the prerequisite natural science and prerequisite lower-division courses.
  2. No D’s or F’s in nursing courses.
  3. Must meet application deadlines of: March 1 – Fall Semester. September 1 – Spring Semester.

What rank is UTA is nursing school?

University of Texas–Arlington 2023 Rankings University of Texas–Arlington is ranked No. 49 (tie) in Best Nursing Schools: Master’s and No. 99 (tie) in Best Nursing Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice.

How hard is it to get into University of Texas at Arlington?

The acceptance rate at UT Arlington is 79.5%. For every 100 applicants, 80 are admitted. This means the school is lightly selective. The school will have their expected requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores. If you meet their requirements, you’re almost certain to get an offer of admission.

How long to complete LPN/LVN to BS?

Obtain High School Diploma or GED 4 years Complete an accredited LPN/LVN Program 2 years Obtain additional certification (optional) Up to 1 year Complete online LPN-to-BSN Program Up to 1 year Complete Master’s Degree in Nursing (optional)

How long does it take for an LPN to get a BSN?

You’ll find many colleges and universities offer full-time and part-time online programs for licensed practical nurses (LPN) to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). Depending on the program, your previous college credits and your pace of study, it may take between 18 months and four years to complete a BSN online.

Can you go from LPN to BSN?

Accelerated LPN to BSN Degree Program Overview. In the nursing field, there’s no substitute for advanced education combined with experience. When you earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from NMC, a host of new career and educational opportunities open up to you.. LPNs have a unique opportunity to be successful in the transition to becoming a registered nurse.

What kind of nurse can I be with a BSN?

Nurses with a BSN degree can choose to further their education with master’s or doctoral degree in order to become a nurse educator or a nurse practitioner. RN vs BSN: Education Requirements Despite the two different categories of education level for a registered nurse, both are required to pass the NCLEX exam in order to become a licensed nurse.