How are placements at UPES Dehradun?

How are placements at UPES Dehradun?

UPES Dehradun Placements 2020 Report During the 2019-2020 placement drive, the institute witnessed an overall placement record of 94% as 2318 students got placed under 560+ companies. The Highest placement package worth INR. 45 LPA was offered by a leading gaming company in Netherlands.

Is UPES good for placements?

Focusing on industry-aligned training, UPES has also paved the way for unprecedented opportunities in internships, offered to our students at Amazon with a stipend of INR 1.5 Lakh per month. So far, out of a total of 80 courses, 63 have a 100% placement record.

Which branch is best in UPES Dehradun?

Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and other conventional branches are better at VIT. UPES is better for branches like Petroleum Engineering, Mining, Geoscience, Geoinformatics, Fire and Safety and other industrial specific branches.

Is UPES better than Manipal?

All the best. For CSE, Manipal is a good option to compare with UPES. But go for Manipal only if you are getting the Manipal campus and not Jaipur or the other one. However, UPES should be your first preference for taking CSE as it is a better college in terms of curriculum, placements, and career progression.

Which is best LPU or UPES?

As compared to UPES, LPU is a much better university which not only excels in terms of academics but also infrastructure and other factors. The quality of education at LPU is evident by all the rankings of the University.

Is UPES Dehradun worth joining?

UPES is famous for its great and also our department is really active in collaborating with certain pharmaceutical firms so there is great expectation to get good placement. Definately value for money faculty guide students to achieve the ambition. Beautiful and serene environment.

Which is better UPES or amity?

Amity University is better that UPES. Amity University is one of top private universities in India. Fees of Amity University is comparatively less that UPES. Infrastructure is good in both college.

Is there uniform in UPES?

You have to wear uniform except one day a week.