How can I make my Golf 7 GTI faster?

How can I make my Golf 7 GTI faster?

For that very reason we’ve narrowed this list down to the most effective, highest return GTI mods you can start with and build upon.

  1. General Maintenance.
  2. Tires.
  3. Wheels.
  4. Adding A Cold Air Intake (CAI)
  5. Exhaust.
  6. Intercooler.
  7. ECU Tune.

Can you tune a GTI?

With the COBB Accessport, you’re able to tune your GTI anywhere, and change maps as you continue down the upgrade path, all without any shop visits or additional fees.

What is a Stage 1 tune GTI?

The APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade is the first step towards making more power! This simple upgrade requires no engine hardware modifications and produces 290-337 HP with 320-375 FT-LBS of torque on most models.

How do I get more power in my Golf GTI?

How to Make Your MK6 GTI Faster

  1. Add an Intake.
  2. Upgrade your Exhaust System.
  3. Add an ECU Tune.
  4. Add a Downpipe.
  5. Upgrade your Intercooler.

How much power can a MK7 GTI make?

IROZ Motorsport offers a number of hybrid and big-turbo options for the Gen 3 EA888 engine in the Mk7 GTI, which, when paired with United Motorsport tuning and fueling upgrades, can produce 800+ horsepower.

How much power can a GTI MK7 handle?

Depending on your budget and how far you want to take your GTI, power output can be pushed to nearly 400 horsepower without any internal engine changes, or even more if you’re willing to upgrade the internals.

What is the Golf 7 GTI tuned?

There are three stages for the Golf 7 GTI tuning and they result in massive improvements in power rating, the first one matching the power of the R, and the rest leaving the “ultimate hot hatch” behind. Yes, you’ve read it right: you can actually have more power than in the Golf 7 R and for less money.

Is the VW Golf 7 R faster than a GTI?

Comparing the stock cars, the VW Golf 7 R was immensely faster than the GTI, even with the Performance package. Stage 1 brought them eye to eye, while the remaining upgrade stages kept moving the “lesser” model away from the best hatchback today, leaving it further behind with every new upgrade.

How to make your Golf Mk7 GTI faster?

How to Make Your Golf Mk7 GTI Faster – MK7 GTI Mods. 1 1. Aftermarket ECU Tune. A tune IS the best bang for your buck when you’re trying to get the most power out of your Volkswagen Golf MK7/MK7.5 GTI. An 2 2. Aftermarket Downpipes. 3 3. Aftermarket Intercoolers. 4 4. Aftermarket Air Intakes. 5 5. Aftermarket Exhaust Systems.

What is ZIP Stage 2 VW Golf 7 GTI tuning?

The ZIP Stage 2 VW Golf 7 GTI tuning goes a step further. It adds some new parts to help increase the power further. The parts, however, still stay completely safe for the rest of the car. The car gets a new exhaust with a sport catalyst.