How do I change the color of my legend in R?

How do I change the color of my legend in R?

To create the legend for a plot in base R, we can use legend function and if the background color of the legends needs to be changed from white to any other then bg argument in legend function will be used. For example, to change the background color to red then we can use bg=”red”.

How do you remove a legend label without deleting the data series?

Replies (1)  In Excel 2016 it is same, but you need to click twice. – Then click on the specific legend which you want to remove. – And then press DELETE.

How do I add a title to a legend in R?

In case you need to add a title to the legend, in order to add some description of the elements of the legend, you can use the title argument. Note that you can customize the color of the text with the title. col argument and that you can make a horizontal adjustment of the title with the title.

What is Cex in legend in R?

cex: character expansion factor relative to current ‘par(“cex”)’. Used for text, and provides the default for ‘pt. cex’ and ‘title.

How to change scientific notation on legend labels in ggplot2?

Creating a scatter plot with ggplot. The next group of code creates a ggplot scatter plot with that data,including sizing points by total county population and coloring them by

  • Focusing attention on subsets of data with ggrepel.
  • Customizing labels and lines with ggrepel.
  • How to rename legend ggplot2?

    title : A string, which is the New Title of ggplot2 Legend. if title has value NULL, the title is not shown. Here title “Users” is replaced with “Users By guides” By using guides () function. Method 2: Change Legend Title using labs () Function.

    How to make any plot in ggplot2?

    – ggplot2 package – Scatterplot – Change axis – Scatter plot with fitted values – Add information to the graph – Rename x-axis and y-axis – Control the scales – Theme – Save Plots

    How to add legend to ggplot manually?

    – name: The title of the legend – breaks: The labels in the legend – values: The colors in the legend