How do I choose a dissertation topic for English?

How do I choose a dissertation topic for English?

7 tips to help you to choose your dissertation topic

  1. Select a topic that you find interesting. Your dissertation or research project will take many weeks and months to complete.
  2. Choose something different.
  3. Don’t be too vague.
  4. Don’t be too narrow.
  5. Research!
  6. Be objective.
  7. Ask for advice from your tutor.

What is an English literature dissertation?

What Is a Dissertation in Classic English Literature? Your dissertation in classic English literature should be an independent piece of work. It’s not expected to give an original contribution to the knowledge, but it must be original in the sense of being a completely independent piece of writing.

How do I find my dissertation topic?

Check your topic Do a literature search. See if there are enough relevant and up-to-date materials available. Identify scholars who have written about your topic and identify journals with relevant articles. Look at related student dissertations to see how others have tackled the subject.

What are good topics for a thesis in English literature?

20 Thesis Topics for English Literature Students That Will Catch Even a Non-Reader

  • Twentieth-Century Role in Changes of Women in Literature.
  • Religion and Politics throughout the Ages of Literature.
  • Roles in Gender: the Differences.
  • What Are the Origins of a Chosen Novel.
  • Twentieth Century and Middle Ages Morality Plays.

What makes a good dissertation question?

Feasible to answer within the timeframe and practical constraints. Specific enough to answer thoroughly. Complex enough to develop the answer over the space of a paper or thesis. Relevant to your field of study and/or society more broadly.

How long should an English dissertation be?

between 250 and 300 pages
A typical dissertation runs between 250 and 300 pages, divided into four or five chapters, often with a short conclusion following the final full-scale chapter.