How do I contact the Green Brigade?

How do I contact the Green Brigade?


  1. Address. 60, MKK Nair Nagar, Tripunithura, Kochi 682301.
  2. Mail Us. [email protected].
  3. Call Us. +91 97782 64419.

Who are the Celtic Green Brigade?

The Green Brigade are a Celtic F.C. supporter ultra group formed in 2006. They are situated in the North Curve corner section of Celtic Park.

What block are the Green Brigade?

Their main stronghold is a corner area of Parkhead, section 111 (referred to as the ‘Green Brigade’ section, and from there the group and other like-minded supporters congregate at matches for chants and songs throughout the matches.

Why do Glasgow Celtic not wear poppies?

No blood-stained poppy on our hoops’, was a protest against the club’s decision to mark Remembrance Day by getting the players to wear poppies on their famous green and white hooped jerseys and hold a minute’s silence before the game.

What English team do Celtic fans support?

Most Celtic fans from Northern Ireland support Man Utd as their favourite English side, most Celtic fans in the Republic go for Liverpool.

How many members are in the Green Brigade?

3 Staff, 119 Members, 231 Guests.

What is the meaning of Green Brigade?

The Green Brigade are a group of Celtic-supporting ultras. Ultras are groups of football supporters who support their teams in passionate, colourful, loud and coordinated ways, making use of banners, pyrotechnics, songs and chants, and other expressions of die-hard support.

Who has more fans worldwide Celtic or Rangers?

Both Celtic and Rangers have made the top 20, with Manchester United top of the list – followed by Borussia Dortmund. Rangers, who play at the 50,817 capacity Ibrox, averaged 49,147 fans per game in the 2017/18 season. Celtic, who play at the 60,832 capacity Celtic Park, averaged 57,523 fans across the same campaign.

Who are the Green Brigade Celtic?

Green Brigade. The Green Brigade are a Celtic F.C. supporter ultra group formed in 2006. They are situated in sections 110,111 and 112 of Celtic Park.

What is the Green Brigade Board?

This board is for discussions and debates on all political issues. The views expressed on here are not necessarily that of the Green Brigade. All racist,sectarian or sexists posts will be deleted! Attention New Members! This sub-board is for threads and topics which are spoken about far too often on here.

What happened to the Green Brigade at Old Trafford?

Four supporters were later held by police in connection with the incident. More than 100 Green Brigade members walked out of the stadium in protest at the arrests. In April 2011 some members of the Green Brigade were not sent season ticket renewal forms after the club threatened to disperse the group around other sections of the stadium.