How do I fix the ink cartridge on my Lexmark printer?

How do I fix the ink cartridge on my Lexmark printer?

While a print cartridge error message seems vague, you can fix it one of several ways: restart the printer, reinstall the print cartridge, reset the printer or replace the ink cartridge in question.

How do I clear the error code on my Lexmark printer?

To get rid of the 920 error message, power off the printer and wait for about a minute. Then power it back on and wait to see if the error persists. If it does, your Lexmark printer’s fuser unit needs to be reinstalled. Also make sure there is no paper jammed in the unit.

How do you clear a printer’s memory?

Generally, the best way for clearing printer memory before recycling is to use the provided menu on the printer itself. Within the menu, there should be settings options for clearing data. On an MFP with a hard drive, this may be listed as a “restore to factory settings” option.

How do I Change my Lexmark printer cartridge Windows 10?

Press “Windows-Z” while on the Start screen. Click the “All apps” icon and then scroll to the Lexmark heading. Click or tap “Printer Solution Center.” Click on the “Maintenance” tab and click “Install a new printer cartridge.”

How do I reset the smart chip on a Lexmark printer?

Smart chips aren’t automatically reset when a cartridge is refilled, so the printer still thinks the cartridge has no ink and will not print. However, it is possible to manually reset the smart chip so you can use refilled cartridges. Turn off your Lexmark printer. Press and hold the “Return” button as well as the “Ready,” “Go” or “Select” button.

How do I Clean my Lexmark printer?

Turn your Lexmark printer on, if it is off, open the printer’s top cover and remove the black and color cartridges from the printer. Sit the cartridges on a piece of paper to keep ink from staining any surfaces. Turn your printer off. Leave your printer’s cover open.

Can I buy new ink cartridges for my Lexmark printer?

You don’t have to wait on new cartridges to arrive or visit your area office supply store to purchase new cartridges. The cartridges will work properly but you must first reset your Lexmark ink memory so your printer will recognize the new cartridges.