How do I get my child into competitive cycling?

How do I get my child into competitive cycling?

There are few thrills that can rival riding in a bike race, and it’s a pleasure that you will most likely want to share with your children….Here are five ways of the best ways that you can introduce your kids to competitive cycling.

  1. Local clubs.
  2. Peers and mentors.
  3. Welcome to Alpe D’Huez.
  4. Computers.
  5. Sportifs and gran fondos.

How do you get on a cycling team?

Ask your local bike shop where they are and where these people hang out. Talk to them, which will help you make friends, learn about the sport, and join a team. Join a club or team. Cycling is as much a team sport off the bike as it is on the bike.

What is a junior in cycling?

You can become a Junior Race Member of USA Cycling from ages 6-18. For competition, we use “Race Age” which can be quantified as your highest age in any calendar year.

How do I find my local group rides?

While it’s not always easy to find a local group ride to match your tastes and abilities, here are four tried-and-true methods.

  1. Check With Your Local Bike Shop.
  2. Hook Up With a Cycling Club.
  3. Join a Meetup Group.
  4. Ask Your Local Bike Advocacy Group.

How do you become a professional bike rider?


  1. Start off as young as possible.
  2. Enrol for basic training and get your license to compete.
  3. Get some regular professional training with a team.
  4. Try to get a sponsor early in your career.
  5. Enlist for smaller races to get practice.
  6. Focus on physical fitness to be a better racer.

How many cycling clubs are there in USA?

2,400 clubs
A membership-based organization, USA Cycling comprises 2,400 clubs and teams; and nearly 70,000 licensees which include officials, coaches, mechanics, and competitive cyclists of all ages and abilities across five disciplines of the sport.

What is a cat 4 cyclist?

For the men to move up to Cat. 4, the most traveled route is to complete 10 massed-start races permitted by USA Cycling. The races must be at least 15 miles long if it’s a road race and 10 miles long if it’s a criterium. Once a rider is Cat.

How do I meet other cyclists?

Talk to other cyclists in cycling clubs in your area. Cycling clubs generally contain cyclists exclusively, which serves as a great resource to find a partner. By going to local clubs, you not only relate with other people who have the same passion, but you meet with people who also cycle in your area.

Can bike riding be a career?

We want to educate people that bike racing can be a path for your career and you can achieve success if you have the dream to ride. Here are a few general questions which come to our mind when we think of a career as a professional motorbike racer.