How do I get phantom of Eldberg?

How do I get phantom of Eldberg?

Is a Skellige side quest with suggested level 17. Completing this side quest can open up side quest “Stranger in a Strange Land”, and then “The Cave of Dreams”. This quest can be picked up from the Arinbjorn noticeboard.

How do you release Morkvarg curse?

When Morkvarg is incapacitated, speak to him. Hand over the fang to lift the curse, then remind him about your reward. With that done, you’re able to return to Novigrad and collect your spoils (the Deithwen silver sword) from the pawnshop.

What happens if you free Morkvarg?

Nothing happens, you never meet up with him again. He doesn’t have any effect on other NPC’s, except the shop dealer who gives you an additional little bonus.

Can you stop Jorund from dying?

His death is scripted at the end of Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg if one hasn’t completed King’s Gambit yet. However, if King’s Gambit is completed before the contract, the fight will never happen and thus he lives.

What did Mikkjal do?

Biography. He has a rather dark secret though: using his position as the lighthouse keeper, he made a deal with others to occasionally have some ships go “astray” by not lighting the fire and thus having them crash into the island and they’d then split the spoils.

What happens if you feed Morkvarg?

This is a hint: you can pick up his flesh — and feeding Morkvarg his own flesh will actually kill him. If you don’t want to bother with the quest, this will end it fast and net you 85 coins (the same reward Josta would give you).

Is there a way to save Jorund Witcher 3?

Should you fight lugos?

It’s more lucrative to fight, although Lugos probably is quite a bit stronger than you (level thirty), but a solo fistfight is pretty easy if you can parry. Beat Lugos and he’ll become much friendlier, tell you about some witcher’s work he’s got for you, and invite you over to his lands.

What is the curse of morkvarg?

The curse forbid Morkvarg from eating or drinking anything, everything he tried to eat turned to ash into his mouth. It prevented him from dying as well, each time he was slain he reanimated in the garden soon after. Thus, Morkvarg was condemned to an eternity of hunger and pain.

What did morkvarg do to Skellige?

He and his Terror Crew sailed the seas around Skellige, pillaging and raping as they went and none seemed able to stop them. Morkvarg was said to fear nothing, except the wrath of the gods.

Is contract the Apiarian Phantom missable or failable?

Is Contract: The Apiarian Phantom Missable or Failable? You cannot miss or fail this quest. Go to Honeyfill Meadworks and talk to Holoferens Meiersdorf. Follow the Halflings and examine the clues using your Witcher Senses. Follow the footprints and cross to the south east part of the lake.

How do I beat morkvarg?

Head back to Morkvarg’s lair in Freya’s Garden and initiate combat with this beast. As he is a werewolf, tactics useful against this kind of cursed enemy are very effective.