How do I lookup two criteria in Excel?

How do I lookup two criteria in Excel?

To do an Excel lookup with multiple criteria, you can use the INDEX and MATCH functions.

  1. The INDEX function can return a value from a specific place in a list.
  2. The MATCH function can find the location of an item in a list.

How do you lookup two criteria in Excel?

How do I do a Vlookup with two columns?

VLOOKUP is one of the lookup and reference functions in Excel and Google Sheets used to find values in a specified range by β€œrow”….Using VLOOKUP on multiple columns

  1. Select the cell D11 by clicking on it.
  2. Insert the formula β€œ=VLOOKUP(B11&C11,$B$3:$D$7,3)” .
  3. Press Enter to apply the formula to cell D11.

How do you lookup two conditions in Excel?

Using two criteria to return a value from a table

  1. =SUMPRODUCT((B3:B13=C16)*(C3:C13=C17)*(D3:D13))
  2. =INDEX(C3:C13,SUMPRODUCT((B3:B13=C16)*(D3:D13=C18)*ROW(C3:C13)),0)
  3. =LOOKUP(2,1/(B3:B13=C16)/(D3:D13=C18),(C3:C13))
  4. {=INDEX(C3:C13,MATCH(1,(B3:B13=C16)*(D3:D13=C18),0))}

How do you match 2 columns in Excel and return a value?

Compare Two Columns and Highlight Matches

  1. Select the entire data set.
  2. Click the Home tab.
  3. In the Styles group, click on the ‘Conditional Formatting’ option.
  4. Hover the cursor on the Highlight Cell Rules option.
  5. Click on Duplicate Values.
  6. In the Duplicate Values dialog box, make sure ‘Duplicate’ is selected.

How to use VLOOKUP on a range of values?

The value we wish to lookup is termed as the lookup value.

  • The name should be created for a range of cells or array to use with VLOOKUP.
  • One thing to remember that index numbers have to be given to the columns to easily use.
  • How to combine multiple vlookups?

    Vlookup and concatenate multiple matching values in a cell with Kutools for Excel. If you have Kutools for Excel, with its Advanced Combine Rows feature, you can quickly finish this job with ease. This feature can help you to combine all matching values with a specific delimiters based on the same data in another column.

    Can you do two vlookups in one formula?

    Summary. If you need to perform multiple lookups sequentially, based on whether the earlier lookups succeed or not, you can chain one or more VLOOKUPs together with IFERROR. In the example shown, the formula in L5 is: = IFERROR(VLOOKUP( K5, B5:C7,2,0),IFERROR(VLOOKUP( K5, E5:F7,2,0),VLOOKUP( K5, H5:I7,2,0)))

    How to do a double VLOOKUP?

    VLOOKUP can fetch the first value found in the table for duplicate lookup values.

  • Combining values will give us a unique lookup value,so we can get an accurate result.
  • Instead of using an underscore as the combining character between two values,you can use anything,and the same needs to be used in lookup value as well.