How do I make a warrior cat map?

How do I make a warrior cat map?

The recipe for making your Warrior Cats MAP Masterpiece!…Hosting a MAP is a bit more tricky, so it’ll take a bit more explaining.

  1. Find an idea. Find a song/sound and an idea that you think could go well together.
  2. The MAP Call.
  3. Picking participants.
  4. Communication.
  5. Put it all together!

Is Sol alive Warrior Cats?

Sol is one of the few who manages to escape the warriors’ tradition of having the villains are brutally murdered at the end. We know he’s has wasted positional, being given unsatisfying ending, simply beaten up by Hollyleaf and chased away for the 5th time in a row, swearing revenge – Which we know he never does.

What happened to Brightheart?

Brightheart has become an elder along with Brackenfur and Cloudtail, joining Graystripe in the elders’ den. She helps assist Flipclaw in the medicine cats’ den after Alderheart is exiled by Bramblestar.

What are warrior cat maps?

Warriors MAP is a MAP that covers the first four series, set to the song “Warriors” by Coco and the Butterfields. Wolf is a MAP about Leafpool and Crowfeather’s forbidden relationship, set to “Wolf” by First Aid Kit. You is a MAP set to “You” by Keaton Henson that covers major plot points throughout the first two arcs.

What was Sol’s kittypet name?

He was born to Cinders and an unnamed tom alongside three other kits. Cinders made each kit live as a kittypet after his father’s abandonment. He was named Harry by his housefolk, and moons later, he met Leafstar and her kits after they were captured by his housefolk.

Who is onestar’s son?

When confronted by the other Clans, Onestar reveals that Darktail is his son. He had eloped with a kittypet named Smoke back in the forest territories and was ashamed when she brought him his kit to raise as a warrior.