How do I open an OLM file on Windows?

How do I open an OLM file on Windows?

Click on Add File or Add Folder button depending on your need. If you have a single OLM file to convert, click on Add File. If you have multiple OLM files to add, save them in a folder and then click on Add Folder button. Select the OLM file or folder from its location and click on Open.

Can Windows Outlook open OLM?

Microsoft Outlook for Windows doesn’t support . olm data files. However, there are several methods that you can use to transfer data from Outlook for Mac to a Windows-based Outlook client. These methods require that you use Microsoft Exchange Server.

How do I export Outlook contacts to CSV on Mac?

CSV file (Outlook for Mac 2011 or 2016).

  1. Select File > Export.
  2. Under “What do you want to export?”,
  3. Click the right arrow button.
  4. Under “Where”, select your path.
  5. Under “Save As”, write “Outlook Contacts”
  6. Click “Save”, and then click “Done”
  7. Open Excel.
  8. Select “File”, and then click “Open” from the menu.

How do I open OLM files on Mac without Outlook?

For the user who wants to access and read OLM files on Mac without Outlook then the perfect solution is OLM File Viewer for Mac. The toolkit is completely user-friendly and can be used by any user from novice to professional.

How do I Import an OLM file into Office 365?

Install and open the OLM file. The Home-screen provides an option to select the OLM file with Select Mailbox option. If the file location is not known, click the Find Mailbox option and the software displays the list of files with . OLM extension.

How do I open an OLM file without Outlook?

Step 2: Import the Resultant File To Mac Mail

  1. Open Mac Mail on your mac machine.
  2. Now, go to File Tab and click on the Import option.
  3. Choose the Other option from the Import Window.
  4. Select the MBOX radio button.
  5. After that you a pop-up one and say to choose the OLM file.

Can I export Outlook contacts to Excel on Mac?

Open Outlook for Mac and click on Contacts. From the File menu, choose Export. A box pops up, asking you “What do you want to export?” Choose “Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text).” Then click the right arrow at the bottom. A Save box appears.