How do I open the corruption chest in the dungeon?

How do I open the corruption chest in the dungeon?

The Corruption Chest is a chest found in the Dungeon that the player can unlock after acquiring a Corruption Key from enemies in the Corruption during Hard Mode.

How do you open a chest in Terraria without a key?


  1. Block surrounding of biome chest and submerge the chest with 2*2 lava.
  2. Throw wet bomb into lava, which generate 2*2 obsidian that replace the chest.
  3. Mine obsidian using pickaxe.
  4. Place any chest back (dropped biome chest or any other chest in inventory like wooden chest).

Do all biome chests spawn in the dungeon?

From the wiki: Only four Biome Chests (one of each type) will spawn in a particular world. Each represents a biome found in the current world. There are five types of Biome Chests in total, though a world will only contain one of the Crimson or Corruption variant, depending on which of those biomes the world contains.

What does the corruption key open?

The Corruption Key is a key that the player can obtain in Hard Mode as a drop from creatures in The Corruption. This key will unlock a Corruption Chest in the Dungeon after the defeat of Plantera.

How do you break a dungeon block in Terraria?

100% Pickaxe power (a Molten Pickaxe or better) / 65% Pickaxe power (a Nightmare/Deathbringer or better) is required to mine Dungeon Bricks in the Underground-level Dungeon, although any pickaxe can destroy Dungeon Bricks at or above the Surface layer, and any Dungeon Bricks placed within the center third of the world.

How do you get dungeon keys?

All of the dungeon keys are acquired by combining a random drop from the respective hardmode biome with a Temple Key and 5 souls of Sight (Twins), Might (Destroyer) and Fright (Skeletron Prime).

How do I find dungeon chests?

Dungeon chests are found lining the walls of dungeons. However, some dungeons don’t contain any chests. The contents of the chests vary. Each chest can contain up to eight item stacks, and each stack contains between one and four items with each dungeon usually containing 1-2 chests.

Why can’t I open hallowed chest?

Once the Hallowed Chest is unlocked and emptied, it can be picked up after being broken down with a pickaxe. The key will not open the chest until after you beat Plantera.

What is the chance of getting a Crimson Key?

But they drop at the very low rate of 1/2500 (0.04%), and are only dropped when the player is in the key’s corresponding biome. Thus, it is advisable to set up an efficient farm to obtain them.

How do you get a Crimson Key?

The Crimson Key is a Biome Key that the player can obtain from any enemies that spawn in the Crimson biome. This key will unlock a Crimson Chest in the Dungeon, after Plantera has been defeated.

What pickaxe breaks dungeon blocks?

The Nightmare Pickaxe can only mine Dungeon Bricks that are at 0 depth or higher. 100% Pickaxe power (a Molten Pickaxe or better) is required to mine Dungeon Bricks in the Underground Dungeon. Its best modifier is Light for harvesting purposes and Legendary for combat purposes.

How do you mine the dungeon walls?

Dungeon Brick Walls cannot be crafted (nor converted into Dungeon Bricks), but can be freed and collected with a Hammer or Dynamite after Skeletron has been defeated.

How to open biome chests?

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  • How to open hallowed chest?

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  • Introduced the Desert Chest.
  • Renamed “Frozen Chest” to “Ice Chest”.
  • How do you open treasure chests?

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  • How to open treasure chests?

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  • 3.7% chance from an Artifact Trove.
  • 0.3% chance from a Spook Fish Fish Pond with a population of at least 9.
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