How do we use a semicolon?

How do we use a semicolon?

Use a semicolon to join two related independent clauses in place of a comma and a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet). Make sure when you use the semicolon that the connection between the two independent clauses is clear without the coordinating conjunction.

Why are dashes used instead of commas?

Using a dash in place of a comma Em dashes can be used in pairs to replace commas when writing a parenthetical or interruptive phrase. The dashes have a slightly more emphatic feel, making the reader focus on the information that is set inside the special marks.

What is a hyphen used for?

A hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark that’s used to join words or parts of words. It’s not interchangeable with other types of dashes. Use a hyphen in a compound modifier when the modifier comes before the word it’s modifying.

Should I use a colon or semicolon?

The primary use of semicolons is to join two main clauses. The difference between semicolons and colons is that colons can combine two independent clauses, but their primary use is to join independent clauses with a list or a noun.

What are the 3 uses of the dash?

Dashes are used to separate groups of words, not to separate parts of words like a hyphen does. (learn more about the difference between a dash and a hyphen here). There are three forms of dashes: em, en, and the double hyphen. The most common types of dashes are the en dash (–) and the em dash (—).

How do you use when in a sentence?

I went to the mall yesterday.

  • She and I don’t always get along,but we try.
  • The cat scratched me when I tried to pet her.
  • Are all those presents really for me?
  • Will you please give me the rest of your ice cream cone?
  • It is not I you should blame.
  • I called Jason for help with my homework.
  • How to use a vs. an in a sentence?

    Singular Indefinite Pronouns. Pronouns that end in – body or – one are known as singular indefinite pronouns.

  • Either/Or and Neither/Nor. Either and neither are pronouns and adjectives,depending on their use.
  • Non-Countable Nouns.
  • Collective Nouns.
  • How do you use in a sentence?

    The technique is experimental, but the list of its practitioners is growing. The experimental evidence failed to live up to the psychological theories. The British Sports Minister is reported to be ready to argue for an experimental lifting of the ban.

    When to use is vs. are in sentences?

    Singular Indefinite Pronouns

  • Either/Or and Neither/Nor
  • Non-Countable Nouns
  • Collective Nouns