How do you extend TNT Promo 5 pesos?

How do you extend TNT Promo 5 pesos?

While you’re registered to a select TNT promo, simply send EXTEND to 4545 and wait for the confirmation text. Doing so adds one more day of validity for your current package or subscription. If you need more, just text the code up to 365 times to stretch the duration for up to a year.

Is there unlimited data in TNT?

UNLI data in TNT is a limited promo that is sometimes available by dialing *123# on your device. Registered GigaLife users can also register through the app if the promo is available. As of writing, UNLI data (5G) is only available for selected areas with 5G signals.

How do I extend my UTP 15?

To Extend UTP15: Text EXTEND to 4545 while your subscription is still active, the extension costs ₱5. That’s how easy to register and extend the UTP15 promo by Talk and Text. You will never be second-guessing what’s the promo is again. Just Remember UTP15 4545 see easy to remember.

How do I extend my gigasurf99?

To stack or extend GigaSurf 99, simply register to a new GigaSurf promo before your current promo expires. The validity period will follow the newly registered promo.

What is TNT UTP?

The UTP15 promo from Talk N’ Text or TNT is one of the most affordable and budget-friendly unlimited text and call promos available. For a mere ₱15, you can send text messages or call your friends and loved ones as much as you want.

How to get unlimited texting on TNT for 5 days?

This promo by TNT can be availed thru self registration or thru TNT/Smart retailers. TNT subscribers can enjoy 5 days unlimited texting to all their friends even if they are on different networks, for only 30 Pesos, a very cheap price when it comes in unlimited type of promo.

How much is the amount of Unlitext to TNT?

Load amount: ₱20.00 Valid for: 2 days Promo details: Unlitext to TNT/Smart/Sun + Unlicall to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50MB mobile data. Super Combo 30 How to register: Text PC30 to 4545 or SC30 to 4545.

How much data does a TNT am15 plan use?

TNT AM15 – Unlimited texts to TNT. 60 minutes of call to TNT, Smart, Sun. 100 MB data for Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Clash of Clans, Dubsmash access. Text AM15 to 4545.

What are TNT data promos and how do they work?

If you’re an avid mobile gamer, there are also TNT data promos that let you play Clash of Clans or Mobile Legends. If you’re a social media addict, you can select a specific promo geared for your social media website or app, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber and Wechat.