How do you prep an old metal roof for painting?

How do you prep an old metal roof for painting?

You will need to power wash your roof with a pressure of 2,500 pounds per square inch. Power washing removes mold, mildew and old paint which can interfere with paint adhesion. You can use acrylic latex paint or oil-based alkyd paint; just make sure you buy one that is specifically designed to paint a metal roof.

Is valley flashing necessary?

The valleys see the most water flow, as water from both surfaces gathers in the valley as it runs down. The extra layer of flashing in the valley helps protect it from water intrusion. Metal flashing, which is most often used, also helps the water move more quickly off the roof, and even the occasional snow.

How wide should valley flashing be?

Also, at a minimum, valley flashing must be 24 inches (610 mm) wide. Take care to understand your code’s thickness requirements for flashing, as there is often confusion about this point according to Professional Roofing.

How much does flashing on a roof cost?

Generally, the cost of fixing flashing is anywhere between $15 to $25 per linear foot, which includes both the price of the new flashing itself and the caulking used to seal it in place (which is about $10 on its own or sometimes more). A total flashing replacement might cost anywhere between $300 to $600.

What is the best paint to use on a metal roof?

Acrylic latex paint
Acrylic latex paint is a good choice for bare metal roofs and to go over old paint. Oil-based alkyd paint may also be used with an appropriate galvanized metal primer. A topcoat doesn’t eliminate the need for a good primer – the topcoat seals your paint, but the primer makes the paint adhere properly.

Can you use galvanized nails on aluminum flashing?

Nail manufacturers recommend that you go with aluminum or stainless steel fasteners when you’re using either of these woods—and whenever you’re using pressure-treated wood. (The preservatives incorporate salts that react with the zinc.) Also, never use galvanized nails with copper flashing.