How do you read coding documents?

How do you read coding documents?

Given these challenges, I wanted to provide a few tips on reading documentation.Be patient. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Review terms. Develop a reference library. Use multiple sources. Read the overview. Check the version. Clean up the code.

Where can I read good code?

5 Answers. You can browse open source projects on repository sites like GitHub, Codeplex, Google Code, or BitBucket. You’ll find projects of different complexity levels, so you should be able to find something that both interests you and doesn’t go over your head too much at first.

How can I read better codes?

How to Read Code (Eight Things to Remember)Learn to Dig. When you’re diving into a mature codebase for the first time, you might not feel like a developer. Go Back in Time. Read the Specs. Think of Comments as Hints. Find Main. Notice Style. Expect to Find Garbage. Don’t Get Lost.

How do I read a python document?

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What is __ doc __ in Python?

The __doc__ attribute Each Python object (functions, classes, variables,…) provides (if programmer has filled it) a short documentation which describes its features. You can access it with commands like print myobject.