How do you use Brookstone Big Blue party?

How do you use Brookstone Big Blue party?

With Big Blue Party 360 powered on, press and hold the POWER/PAIRING BUTTON until the LED RING starts pulsing. 3. Big Blue Party 360 is in pairing mode when the LED RING and BLUETOOTH® MODE LED INDICATOR are pulsing. Big Blue Party 360 will wait for a connection in pairing mode for up to 120 seconds.

How do you Bluetooth Brookstone Big Blue party?

Press and hold the Power/Pairing button on the main unit until the LED RING starts pulsing . 4 . The Big Blue Party is in pairing mode when the LED RING is pulsing . Big Blue Party will wait for a connection in pairing mode for up to 120 seconds .

How do I set my Big Blue speakers?

Press and hold the POWER BUTTON until the POWER/ PAIRING LED starts flashing to put the speaker in pairing mode. 4. Select “Big Blue Live 2.0” on your device. If prompted, use 0000 as a PIN for the pairing code.

How do you set up a Brookstone speaker?

Press and hold the Bluetooth button until it does so. 60 seconds will pass between the speaker and the pairing device. You can select “Mobile Mini” once the speaker is in pairing mode and your device is ready to pair.

How do you use Brookstone wireless earbuds?

Turn each earbud on at the same time by pressing the power button for 7-10 seconds. The two earbuds will begin to pair to each other automatically. When the two earbuds have finished pairing, an audio notification will say “Connected, left channel (earbud), right channel (earbud).

How do I turn up the volume on my Brookstone speaker?

Depending upon your device, you may have to select “Mobile Mini” in your device’s Bluetooth menu. 1. Play your audio device as you normally would, and adjust the volume on your audio device and with the Volume Rocker Button on the speaker to enjoy your music at the desired volume.

Where is the power button on Brookstone earbuds?

Press the Earbud Charging Button on the bottom of the case. The blue Earbud Charging Indicator turns on.

How many pages is the Brookstone Big Blue Party Manual?

11 Led Indicator Chart 11 Specifications 12 Frequently Asked Questions 14 Warranty Also See for Brookstone BIG BLUE PARTY Brookstone BIG BLUE PARTY Manual14 pages

How many pages are in the instruction manual for Brookstone Podz?

Speakers Brookstone podz Instruction Manual Wireless rechargeable speakers with auto-tuning (10 pages) Summary of Contents for Brookstone BIG BLUE PARTY Page 1BIG BLUE PARTY ™ INDOOR-OUTDOOR WIRELESS SPEAKER… Page 2: Table Of Contents

How do I cancel the pairing mode on Big Blue Party?

Note: To cancel the pairing mode, wait the 120 seconds for Big Blue Party to cancel pairing automatically. The LED RING will return to solid and the unit will remain on. 6. Use VOLUME + on Big Blue Party to increase the volume.