How do you use puck in Dota?

How do you use puck in Dota?

During the early game, use Phase Shift to avoid attacks from towers and enemy units. Puck can harass the enemy heroes with attacks, then use Phase Shift to avoid taking damage from creeps by removing creep aggro. Use Phase Shift right after Illusory Orb to hide until the orb has traveled far enough to jaunt to.

What should I buy for Puck Dota 2?

Recommended Items

  • Enchanted Mango allows Puck to use Illusory Orb more often in lane.
  • Null Talisman and its components gives Puck a decent early game attributes boost.
  • Faerie Fire supplies an instant heal and attack damage, which may give Puck an edge in trading hits and killing creeps.

Is puck hard to play?

Playing against a good Puck can be a very frustrating experience. It is an extremely elusive hero with both high amounts of burst damage and decent amounts of crowd control. Moreover, on top of being an amazing mid-game tempo hero, a good Puck will stay relevant throughout the entire game.

Is PUCK a good support?

However Puck is probably the best support to counter them due to Phase Shift. PA Blink now gives her bonus AS for 2 seconds, which means if you use Phase you can dodge her entire window to kill you and get out alive. Dream Coil is also able to hit her during Blur.

Is PUCK a carry or support?

EDIT: Clarification that puck is a viable support when YOU HAVE NO OTHER SUPPORTS, not one that you would purposely pick for the reason of playing the support role.

Is PUCK a strong hero?

puck is 1 of my favorite heroes to play. I feel like I know him pretty well. strengths: aoe magic nukes , silence, stun + disable (dream coil basically disables). puck is also very mobile and good at surviving due to phase shift + euls, blink etc etc.

Is PUCK a girl DOTA?

Because from what I understand, in Dota 1, puck is refered to as a boy in it’s lore, but in Dota 2 however, some people have been saying that it’s a girl.

Is PUCK a dragon?

The juvenile form of a Faerie Dragon, a creature that lives for eons, Puck spends countless millennia in its childish form.

Is puck good in League of Legends?

Though vulnerable, Puck is able to initiate on enemy teams, silencing and locking down opponents before teleporting away in a glowing orb. However, Puck’s arsenal of tricks and items require sharp situational awareness during teamfights, and may overwhelm newer players.

Is Puck a multitasking hero?

Requires multitasking. Puck often plays in the middle lane, but can also play a solo lane against multiple opponents due to its slippery nature. As a mid hero, Puck has easy access to runes with Illusory Orb, and can gank the side lanes with Dream Coil.

What is the best weapon for Puck in Lol?

Blink Dagger provides great synergy with Puck’s abilities and further augments its evasive nature. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity offers another disable, as well as keeping Puck safe for a few extra seconds until its other escape abilities come off cooldown. Dagon increases Puck’s damage output with magical burst and intelligence.

What is the best Lane to play Push puck in?

Puck is typically played as a mid hero, due to her ability-focused design and need of quick levels. Placing her in the mid lane also means that she gets easier access to the river runes, which helps keep her health and mana topped up when combined with a Bottle.