How does a quarter mania work?

How does a quarter mania work?

A QuarterMania is a cross between an auction (where you hold up a numbered paddle to bid on an item), a raffle (where you are trying to win a prize), bingo (using a chip or ball with a number on it), a home party (gathering with friends), a new way of ‘FUN’draising (collecting money/quarters for a charity) and it’s a …

How does a quarter raffle work?

A quarter auction is part raffle, part auction, part fundraiser and also a direct sales party. It works a bit like bingo. When you arrive, you will be given a numbered paddle for a donation. This paddle will have a corresponding numbered chip which will be put into the drawing basket.

What is a Quarter Mania event?

This annual tradition allows folks to gather with a pocketful of quarters and a drive to win a few bargains. Quartermania is a fun night of gaming and includes an opportunity drawing, silent auction, 50/50, 52 Card Draw and of course the luck of the draw game of bidding with quarters.

What is an all in paddle in a quarter auction?

If you have an ALL IN paddle, you will simply hold that paddle up and will not be adding quarters to bid. A worker will be walking from table to table with a bucket to collect bids. The announcer will then draw a number to find a winner. If they draw your number and you had bid on the item, hooray!

How do you set up a quarter auction?

As each item comes up for bid, the auctioneer describes it and states whether the bid is one, two, three or four quarters. Those who are interested place their quarters in the bin on the table where they’re seated and raise their numbered paddle or paddles if they placed more than one bid.

How does a paddle party work?

You place 2 quarters into the cup on your table and raise your paddle(s). If we draw your number you win the item. If a number is drawn and there was no bidder, we keep going until someone wins!! … It is that simple!

Is a quarter auction gambling?

Most states consider quarter auctions to be a form of raffle and regulate them under their state gambling or raffle laws. Alabama and Hawaii ban raffles (and, therefore, quarter auctions) altogether. Most if not all other states require raffles such as quarter auctions to benefit charitable causes.

How do paddle parties work?

PADDLE PARTIES ARE FUN AND LIVELY. How it works: Guests receive one auction paddle with paid admission ($5.00). Additional paddles can be purchased for $2.00 each (until sold out). Guests purchase unlimited amount of tokens for $0.25 each.

What is a recon paddle?

Observing the tradition that reconnaissance Marines know as the paddle party is reserved for when a fellow reconnaissance Marine either leaves active duty or is killed in action. The Marines take the paddle of the Marine who is leaving and sand it down, said Carr.

Are casino night fundraisers legal?

It’s Legal During your casino fundraiser, guests are playing for fun, and chips are never turned in for cash. “The House” (i.e. you) will raise money by selling tickets to the event and your guests will turn in their chips for prizes at the end of the night.

How does a paddle auction work?

You’ll pay a rental fee of $5 for the paddle and you’ll return the paddle at the end of the auction. The person selling the paddles will put a corresponding numbered chip into a bucket. When the auction begins, each item will be displayed to the crowd and auctioned off.

What is a paddle party fundraiser?

Guests wanting to bid on the auction item will put the designated number of tokens in their table jar and raise their paddle. Once the auction for that item is closed, a winning number will be randomly selected. If the winning paddle, matching the winning number, is raised in the air, that person is the winner.