How far away is Bremen from Berlin?

How far away is Bremen from Berlin?

Distance between Bremen and Berlin is 313 KM / 194.8 miles.

Is Bremen near Berlin?

The distance from Bremen to Berlin by train is approximately 195 miles (315 km).

How many miles separate Berlin Germany and Warsaw Poland?

Distance To Warsaw From Berlin is: 321 miles / 516.6 km / 278.94 nautical miles.

How far is Berlin from Auschwitz miles?

Distance from Berlin to Auschwitz The shortest distance (air line) between Berlin and Auschwitz is 303.79 mi (488.91 km). The shortest route between Berlin and Auschwitz is according to the route planner.

How do I get from Hamburg to Bremen?

Bremen to Hamburg train services, operated by Deutsche Bahn Intercity-Express, depart from Bremen Hbf station. Train or bus from Bremen to Hamburg? The best way to get from Bremen to Hamburg is to train which takes 56 min and costs €27 – €40. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €4 – €14 and takes 1h 50m.

How far is Germany from Poland by train?

Germany to Poland by train. The train journey time between Germany and Poland is around 8h 14m and covers a distance of around 561 km.

How far is Auschwitz concentration camp from Berlin Germany?

It is 487 km from Berlin to Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. It is approximately 551.7 km to drive. How do I travel from Berlin to Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum without a car?

How far is Berlin Germany from the Polish border?

The distance between Berlin and Poland is 452 km.

Can you take a train from Poland to Germany?

Through cooperation with DB, the German railway company, it is possible to travel by train between Poland and Germany. The fast Warszawa/Gdynia-Berlin-Express services link the capital cities of the two countries, also serving Poznań, Gdańsk and Gdynia, along with other cities along the way.

Is Poland bigger than Germany?

Poland is not a tiny country. Its area is only slightly smaller than Germany’s and bigger than the UK or Italy’s.