How is primary school distance calculated?

How is primary school distance calculated?

Currently, the distance between home and school is determined using a single reference point within the school’s original layout. From the 2022 Primary 1 Registration Exercise, the distance will be calculated using the shortest distance from a point on the boundary around the school to the applicant’s home.

How are school admissions distances calculated?

To assess school applications, the local authority measures the distance from the home to the school using a GIS (geographic information system). This measures the precise distance, to three decimal points, in a straight line from the pupil’s main home to the designated main school entrance nominated by the school.

How do you measure home to school distance?

Home-to-school distances are measured in a straight line using a computerised distance measuring system from your home address to the main entrance of the school.

What is the passing score for PSLE?

between 26 and 30
To qualify for N(T), a student must achieve a PSLE Score between 26 and 30, as well as get a grade of AL 7 or better in English and Mathematics.

Is ACSI under Moe?

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACS(I)) is an independent Methodist secondary school in Dover, Singapore….

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Song ACS Anthem
Team name Team ACS

Does the Moe map reflect the change in home-school distance (HSD)?

As our map does not reflect the change in Home-School Distance (HSD) calculation starting from the 2022 Primary 1 Registration Exercise, you should also check with the MOE Show Nearby Schools webpage to see which schools are within 1km, 2km of your home.

Are children attending MOE kindergartens eligible for phase 2A2?

From the 2018 Primary One Registration Exercise, children attending MOE kindergartens situated within primary school compounds will be eligible to register under Phase 2A2 of those schools.

How do I find schools within 2km of my home?

Enter your address or postal code to see which schools are within 2km of your home: The distance checker contains information from the Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) School Query Service. Information is accurate as of May 2021 for the registration of children admitting to Primary 1 in 2022.

What is the expected residence of the family for primary school?

The family is expected to reside at the address for the duration of the child’s primary school studies. MOE recognises that some families are unable to remain at the address used for registration for the entire duration of the child’s primary school studies.